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Stand up for the Chicken's

People all over the world dismiss the humble Chicken. They seem to believe the Chicken is an incredibly dumb animal. The term "Bird Brain" is thrown about to call someone Stupid. Now while it is true a Chicken may not be as intelligent as a Raven AKA The Crow (proven by Scientists to be the world's smartest bird). I've been unfortunate enough to meet human beings who are less intelligent than many of the world's greatest birds. This may seem harsh I hear you say, but sadly we live on a planet with 8 Billion people, you are going to get a few oddities on the far left side of the Bell Curve. However, this post isn't about those oddities - this post is about humble Chicken. Exploited by man because Chicken tastes like Chicken!

The humble Chicken can be found in every country on this planet without exception. Bhutan probably exploits the bird a little less than some Nations but without question, every nation on this planet exploits this animal because we as Human Beings like the taste of it. We have it in our Sandwiches, in our Curries, sat around a table on a Sunday and Roasted with your loved ones and a thousands + other ways to consume it.

Chickens outnumber humans by a considerable number - estimates suggest there could be close to 20 Billion Chickens on our planet right now - each one alive for the briefest amount of time. Granted if it weren't for Humans there certainly wouldn't be as many Chickens on our fragile planet as there are right now at this instant. However, because we control their destinies does it give us the right to exploit them because we like the taste of them? We are God and we are the Executioner, but must we be a cruel and evil God?

Now I'm not a Vigilante Vegan who is going to start preaching at you to stop eating meat. Although reducing the amount of meat you eat each week will not only be beneficial to your health, it will help reduce the C02 Emissions of our fragile planet and fewer Animals will suffer as demand for meat will be greatly reduced. What I will ask from you is to stop endorsing Animal Cruelty and Animal Suffering.

But why should you care about a Chickens life - it's too stupid to register what is happening to it! Chickens are Ours to Exploit! Sadly, these thoughts may have crossed your mind!

Reputation: Chickens are dumber than your average bird – little more than walking meat factories with a talent for laying tasty eggs

Reality: The world's most common bird is actually intelligent, and perhaps even sensitive to the welfare of its peers – which raises some uncomfortable ethical questions for the farming industry.

A study done by Rosa Rugani and her colleagues at the University of Padova, Italy. Working with newly-hatched chicks, the researchers had shown that chickens can count and perform basic arithmetic. Do you know many human babies that can count in their first days on this planet? Adult Chicken's can count proficiently, they also show some level of self-awareness, and even manipulate one another by Machiavellian means.

In a study that was published in 2013, Hens learned to associate one coloured box with an uncomfortable air puff and a second coloured box with safety – no air puff. The hens again showed signs of concern when chicks were placed in the "dangerous" box, even if the chicks never actually experienced an air puff and remained oblivious to the peril. This suggests that hens can respond to their personal knowledge of the potential for chick discomfort, rather than simply reacting to signs of distress in the youngsters.

The perception of chickens (as unaware and unintelligent) is driven in part by the motivation to dismiss their intelligence and sensibilities because people eat them. The uncomfortable truth about chickens is that they are far more cognitively advanced than many people might appreciate. But it remains to be seen whether consumers (you) who are armed with this knowledge change their shopping habits at the meat counter. Now is it acceptable to endorse cruelty to Chickens? I'm hoping if you have got this far, you are saying "No". If you genuinely think it isn't acceptable but can't go Vegan or Vegetarian and you must have Chicken occasionally then make sure you avoid companies that exploit Chickens. The Kentucky company KFC would like you to think KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken but in reality, the C stands for Cruelty. These God awful eyesores blight streets all over the world. There are close to 19,000 Kentucky Fried Cruelty Restaurants Globally. That's 19,000 disgusting fast-food restaurants that are helping Millions of human beings get fat and sick with each meal they ingest. However, more importantly, these eyesores on the landscape are directly responsible for mass cruelty on an industrial scale.

But Alex van Terheyden! It's 'Finger Licken Good'! Really? Is your life that sheltered that you compare some of the finest world cuisines to this junk? If you must have some Chicken why would you want to digest a Chicken that is full of Chemicals and Drugs for the sole purpose of making that chicken grow super fast and in turn mutating it? Hence the infamous Mutant Chickens KFC is famous for serving up.

Ingesting these Mutant Fried Chickens that have witnessed immense cruelty in their brief weeks on Earth is very likely to lead to obesity, diabetes and very probably Cancer. So if you don't care for the lives of these underestimated Birds then at least care for yours.

There's a chance KFC is moving into my neighbourhood - Shoreditch London. Now you might think I'm strange (I get that a lot) but I'm going to take a stand against this Corporate monster and voice myself incredibly loud at my disapproval to this disgusting company. I don't think the local School Kids (who are already morbidly Obese) need another chicken shop to graze at, on their way home. I don't believe London need's another Chicken Shop because what does it say about us as Human beings if we are willing to poison the misinformed and think its acceptable to be cruel to animals.

May I ask a favour - would you be able to sign this petition I made. I want KFC to know they are not welcome in Shoreditch London. I don't imagine it will get many signatures hence the reason your signature really does matter. If you got this far - please comment below.

Turn's out the Government won't allow me to run with this petition - see the Next Blog Post for the reasons why.



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