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  • A weekend in Chernihiv, Ukraine

    You find yourself in the beautiful capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. And yet, you feel it’s time to visit another city in Ukraine - but where should you go? (How to Travel in Ukraine). this part of Ukraine is a place many older Ukrainians actually go to retire because they like the peaceful #Ukraine #Travel

  • Salute Hotel - The Soviet Hotel in Pechersk - Kyiv, Ukraine

    communism, design can often go out the window, and yet in the 1970s, the planners who found themselves in Ukraine The Ukrainian building may have even been inspired by the Capitol Records building given that the one "Kyiv - Where to stay" I’m not sponsored by the Ukrainian Government or the hotel and the views on Ukraine Contact The Wondering Englishman #Ukraine #Kyiv

  • Kyiv Beach Clubs - We don't need the Sea where we are going!

    Please check out #Ukraine for more articles on Ukraine. For more video content on Kyiv Ukraine please do check out my Kyiv Playlist. #Ukraine #Kyiv #Travel

  • Ukraine is more than just Kyiv, Lviv & Odesa - been to Kropyvnytskyi?

    The biggest country in Europe at least for the moment - Ukraine is vast and worthy of 21st century travellers Regular visitors to this blog will note my enthusiasm for Ukraine via this Blog and via my YouTube Channel Do check out the posts and playlists if you are curious about Ukraine as a place worthy of your time. However the Kirovohrad Oblast was not renamed because it is mentioned in the Constitution of Ukraine on how to travel around Ukraine with the different forms of Transport.

  • How to Travel inside Ukraine - Transport Guide

    Ukraine, a country I have become very fond of in recent years but there is more to Ukraine than just However, one might wonder how should one travel around Ukraine? Car Travelling by car in Ukraine can be a rewarding if nerve-racking experience. Hitching is not very common in Ukraine due to the sheer number of buses. I massively recommend using Bolt, Uber & Uklon when in Ukraine.

  • Kremenchuk - a central Ukrainian city that may surprise you

    the 16th Century and since then its been one of the nuts and bolts of the industrial hub of Central Ukraine Since the De-Communisation of Ukraine that happened from 2014 onwards, Kremenchuk has now lost its Grand If you are needing extra information on how to navigate around Ukraine - I put together a free guide on how to travel around Ukraine with the different forms of Transport. capital city Kyiv Click Here A tour around Odesa Click Here Considering exploring Dnipro Click Here #Ukraine

  • Kyiv - Ukraine - where to stay?

    Kyiv the capital and most populous city of Ukraine is located in north-central Ukraine along the Dnieper All have been super useful to me on my travels around Ukraine. I'll keep updating my YouTube Channel and this Blog on Ukraine content - so, do stay tuned. From how to travel around Ukraine to what there is to do. Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman #Ukraine #Kyiv #Travel

  • Kyiv or as some still wrongly say Kiev - is booming!

    I had been visiting Ukraine for many years now - Pre 2014 and post-2014 - I've witnessed some significant in Ukraine. All have been great to me on my travels around Ukraine. In my latest trip to Ukraine, I decided to show my YouTube Audience the Main Street in Kyiv. . ***2021 Update*** Low and behold I decided to take in the Ukraine Metro once again.

  • A weekend in Dnipro - Ukraine

    Thankfully Dnipro isn't an ISIS stronghold - it's one of Ukraine's major cities and this being a place in Ukraine made me want to visit it. The main reason - I had never been there before and I like the people of Ukraine. the link below to buy me a coffee via Book your train ticket with Proizd from Anywhere in Ukraine #Ukraine

  • Clear your mind with a walk that rewards your wallet & your health

    In this one, I take in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and walk from the Centre to the Podil District.