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  • New Blog for a New Chapter

    Hi! Welcome to my new Blog - I'll try my best to update this with my Wondering Englishman Travel videos. This is a new website for me (Alex van Terheyden) - so let's see how it goes. Could it be the first of many posts or the first and the last post.... Only time will tell! :) My latest Travel Video is on Vienna Austria - But sadly I've got a few copyright disputes - I need to go back and forth with YouTube Lawyers and then the video will be released! You can Thank 1984 European Union for the fact that it's almost impossible to get a video out on YouTube these days without getting a copyright warning! All the material I use is fair use. So while we wait - here is the trailer to the latest Travel Video "A weekend in Vienna"

  • Budapest - Central Europe's Finest City?

    I'm a big fan of Budapest - many have at moments compared it to Paris. Possibly conjuring up memories as they wandered through the streets in a daydream or skipped along the river bank. It's easy to see why. However, it is its own unique wonderful city. Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is bisected by the River Danube. Its 19th century Chain Bridge connects the hilly Buda district with flat Pest. A funicular runs up Castle Hill to Buda’s Old Town, where the Budapest History Museum traces city life from Roman times onward. Trinity Square is home to 13th-century Matthias Church and the turrets of the Fishermen’s Bastion, which offer sweeping views. If you are thinking of visiting this wonderful city - maybe I can direct you to a series of videos I recently made about the city (Don't worry they aren't long this time!). Arriving in Budapest via the Airport: Where should you stay when you are in Budapest? A swanky Hotel, Budget Hotel or maybe an Airbnb? Well, I've stayed in all of them - but I made a video about the last Airbnb I stayed in - just for your browsing pleasure - Enjoy! Now, of course, there are plenty of things you can do when you are in Budapest. The number one tourist attraction is "The Hungarian Parliament" building. I thankfully (finally) had the pleasure of visiting this. The Budapest Castle Hill Funicular. A great way to get to the top of Buda and once at the top I visited the Harry Houdini Museum. And the incredibly moving House of Terror Museum: Needing to cleanse the sins of the past or just needing a break from the hustle and bustle of Budapest. Then I highly recommend visiting St. Stephen's Basilica - This is Hungary's most significant and important Church. Once emersed in it you can understand why. And no tour of Budapest would be complete without taking in one of the many Ruin Bar / Clubs in Budapest. In this video, I walk around the Szimpla Kert - the original Budapest Ruin bar. On other trips I visited the hot baths and numerous sights - I think it would be best for you to see these for yourself or maybe I'll head back and make more videos. If you want to book a flight to Budapest from your nearest local Airport I always advise using the wonderful website Skyscanner Skyscanner, in my mind, at least is the easiest way to find affordable flights for dates that suit you. Some people prefer Kayak or Google but for me when searching European Flights I think Skyscanner works best. Obviously try to be as flexible as possible on your dates of travel to get the best deals possible. Have fun Travelling! Watch the Channel The Wondering Englishman - for more videos. #Travel '#Budapest #Hungary #Vogger

  • You may not have considered The Hague

    When outsiders think of The Netherlands many things and places are probably conjured up in their heads. Amsterdam, Bicycles, Tall People, Windmills, Coffee Shops, Edam & maybe Ruud Gullit. Of course, there are hundreds if not thousands of other things the great Nation that is The Netherlands can be associated with. And yet, I do wonder how many people have simply overlooked "The Hague" and not considered it as a worthy option in terms of visiting as they would rather see Amsterdam or maybe see the quirky architecture of Rotterdam. Maybe I'm completely wrong and The Hague (or Den Haag) rolls off everyone's tongue in a fraction of a second as soon as they think of the Netherlands. Alas, this was not the case for me - for years I simply avoided The Hague - associating it with a place warlords were judged by those who have worked in Law for far too long. A place that didn't seem worthy of a long visit. Thankfully I came to my senses this year and paid it a visit, all thanks to a friend who now works in Den Haag. So what's it like? Well as per usual (you guessed it) I captured a lot of what I witnessed on video and then made a video about it - posting it on my YouTube Channel. Feel free to watch the video if you can stomach watching me explore The Hague for over an hour. I hope if you do it persuades you to later visit The Hague. It really is a very complete city - great restaurants, historical buildings, government buildings, coffee shops, great bars, amazing museums, galleries and even a beach that is worthy of a visit. A city I will never overlook again. I'll be back! #TheNetherlands #TheHague #DenHaag #Vlogger #Travel #Europe #Holland To Book a Flight to the Netherlands Click Here and Search for the cheapest route via Skyscanner If you like the thought of staying with locals or seeing how locals live you can't really beat an Airbnb stay. There are some amazing apartments and houses dotted around the city that will cater to all types of traveller in the city of The Hague. Have a look in the window below and let me know if you do end up visiting the wonderful city of The Hague. Happy Travelling! The Wondering Englishman - Alex van Terheyden #Netherlands

  • Berwick Street - Soho - Mad for it!

    Back in the day when we actually used to buy Albums - Album covers were extremely important. I recall I would grip hold of the album and dissect it for all it's detail while laying back and listening to the recently purchased Album. One particular album that got a lot of attention was the second Oasis album. (What's the Story?) Morning Glory! Why did this album get so much of mine and the attention of the world? Well, the first Album was so monumentally good (Definitely Maybe) the second album had to be bought and then overplayed, again and again, to relive the magic of Definitely Maybe. And this was when pocket money was thin on the ground so any extra money I earnt had to come from part-time jobs. Hence any money spent on Albums was going to treasured and valued. (What's the Story?) Morning Glory! by Oasis for at least a few years of the '90s was one of my many treasured albums. It sat proudly on my shelf when it wasn't open and being played cosy between Definitely Maybe and 1997's Album "Be here Now". And as I listened to the rifts, melodies and noise of Oasis blaring out of my needlessly large speakers I would stare at the Album cover and wonder what it was all about. Well, the iconic Album cover photo for Oasis' classic Britpop album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? was taken on Berwick Street in Soho, London, a street famed for its independent record shops and features two men walking are – Brian Cannon, art director and Sean Rowley and the photograph was taken by Michael Spencer Jones. I did not know that in the future as my love for Techno would bring me into contact with this street on such a frequent basis. I've spent many an hour listening to and thumbing records in the numerous record shops on Berwick street over the years. I even managed to meet one of my favourite DJs accidentally in one of the record shops - Maceo Plex. However, as I had my camera with me recently I wanted to explore the street for my YouTube Audience on My YouTube Channel "The Wondering Englishman". Here, is that exploration. #Oasis #LiamGallagher #NoelGallagher #BritPop #Indie #90sAlbum

  • Solomun @ Printworks London & 26 Leake Street

    Solomun is one of the hardest working DJ's in the industry. He has this work hard, play hard attitude. Without question, he is also one of the most demanded DJ's around today. And for that reason when he was last in London I took it upon myself to make sure I attended the main event at London Printworks & also the afterparty at 26 Leake Street. What a night that was! If you would like to see a snippet in the form of just over 30mins from the 9 hours of Techno then you are in luck. Here is that video! #Techno #Solomun #LondonClubbing #LondonNightlife

  • RE-POST - From The Foreign Policy

    This article was originally published on The Foreign Policy Website on November 22nd 2018. I'm posting it here for prosperity purposes (and just in case you haven't seen it before). Original Article can be found here. Tartu by the Wondering Englishman Published on November 22, 2018 in Entertainment by Ricardo Minesotor The Wondering Englishman, whose real name is Alexander van Terheyden is a traveller who recently posted on his YouTube Channel “A Weekend in Tartu – Estonia!” The Englishman started his weekend break flying into the capital of Estonia Tallinn from London England, before driving with a friend Southeast to Tartu. Over the course of the 30-minute video, the Young Englishman really blitzed the city, taking in the Natural History Museum, Art Galleries, and Tartu’s famous Science Museum. Despite the obvious bad weather it was clear he warmed to the city the more he explored the place. The video seemed to have been very well received when I stumbled across the video. 99% of viewers have liked the video, a rare thing on Youtube these days. People are hard to please in 2018! Maybe it’s the way Alex van Terheyden brings the viewer on his inquisitive exploration of the isolated Estonian city. Tartu may be dominated by students, but it doesn’t roll off everyone’s tongue when it comes to places to visit – it would seem Vloggers like Alex van Terheyden may change that – bringing a beautiful historical city drenched in history to the attention of the Social Media generation. Alex got to Estonia via Ryanair an airline not loved by many but thankfully opening up the more isolated destinations to the wider world. The Wondering Englishman clearly wondered what Estonia would be like so he took himself there to explore (at least according to his YouTube Channel) the capital Tallinn, the coastal resort Parnu and my favorite Estonian city – Tremendous Tartu. Once in Tallinn, he drove, but upon returning to Tallinn, he got the train back. The connections between Tallinn and Tartu and frequent and reliable making the city more accessible than people may think. I reached out to Alex van Terheyden and asked him what he liked most about Estonia and the city of Tartu. “The Estonian people are some of the nicest most amazing people I’ve ever met – I have a special place in my heart for them thanks to their hospitality and warmth. Tartu really surprised me, it was a city I really knew very little about before I got there, but its beauty captivated me from the minute I arrived. If you can ignore the odd modern building on the outskirts!” I asked him if he would be returning to Estonia – he responded “Without a doubt – I would very much like to see the rest of the country – hopefully in the summer! And I need to try more of your Beer as everyone I sampled was delicious!” Whether its a weekend break to Estonia or taking the wider country in for a longer period of time I think it’s clear Estonia and Tartu have something to offer those who may have previously overlooked the Baltic Gem. Below is the video The Wondering Englishman made about Tartu.

  • The New White Hart Lane

    Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to the new "White Hart Lane" in the heart of Tottenham London - the home of Tottenham Hotspur. That's a London Football Club to those who don't know! They play in the Premier League. Now why am I stating the obvious you may ask? Well, you have to realise not everyone follows football or even cares about football. I have to be honest - unless I'm meeting friends in a pub or a bar and a game is on - i'll never spend my free time watching a game. Yes - I'll get involved in the World Cup and the European Championships - but other than that I really don't feel there are enough hours in my life to waste watching or following a team. However, once in a while I do make an exception to the rule especially if it's a generous invite. Thanks to SpreadEx (One of my Spread betting Providers) I found myself at the first game Tottenham Hotspur were playing at their new Stadium. I have friends who support Tottenham so I knew this game would be a big deal, at least historically. The Old Stadium closed in May 2017 and the new one was 2.5 years in the making - I had seen the footage of emotional fans saying goodbye to the old White Hart Lane - so in a way I wanted to see Live the reactions to their New Home. I and my good friend "Eddy Longhead" were being entertained in one of the executive boxes. This meant a very filling dinner and all the drinks and snacks you could possibly consume. Topped off with a fantastic game of football surrounded by some of the most passionate football fans you could witness. 5 stars in terms of hospitality and an experience. If you are curious to see what happened that evening - the video is below for your enjoyment!

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