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Hello & thank you for taking the time to look at The Wondering Englishman.  

  • My hope is to see the entire world.  To do this requires sponsorship as travel does cost money.

  • I’m generating an income via my YouTube Channel, Website and through Sponsors.


Would you be prepared to Sponsor The Wondering Englishman either with excursions to your country or via sponsorship of videos or posts?  The majority of my content focuses on the YouTube platform.  This then mirrors to other platforms like Odysee and Rumble which extends reach and views of the destinations I visit. 

Dependent upon the content of the video will influence other content.  Some videos will be promoted via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms with smaller videos, pictures or posts.  I often combine videos with blog posts.  This enables the viewer to get more detail on a destination.  For example, if I visit a city I will write about the city – giving some historical background and tips on things to do in that city.  Please see the Travel section of this website for examples of what this entails. 

In the past I’ve partnered with Finland where they invited me to tour around southern and central Finland with the expectations that I would produce real content on Finland.

Check out some of the Finland Blog posts and also do check out some of the videos I produced while in Finland (See Below). 

Please do not hesitate to email me for further information on:
Or you can call or WhatsApp me on +44 (0) 7803 607146  


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