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Salute Hotel - The Soviet Hotel in Pechersk - Kyiv, Ukraine

Under communism, design can often go out the window, and yet in the 1970s, the planners who found themselves in Ukraine decided they wanted to produce something that might encourage the locals to dream of Space and the Glorius USSR. At least that’s what I hope they were thinking when they came up with what is now The Salute Hotel in the Pechersk district of Kyiv overlooking the Dnieper River before it became mildly radioactive. Thought up in the mid-70s and most likely inspired by 70s Sci-Fi Movies it was eventually completed in 1984, architects would call the design of The Salute Hotel; Socialist Modernism or if you compared it to the Los Angeles Capitol Records building you would think it was a more Brutal version of that striking building that symbolises the sleazy LA music scene. The Ukrainian building may have even been inspired by the Capitol Records building given that the one on the west coast of the USA was built 3 decades before the one in Kyiv appeared. Thankfully, despite its very Soviet retro feel, the Salute Hotel is a functioning 3-star hotel. It Lobby remains faithful to the day it opened in 1984 - some would say neglected but I would like to believe the original furnishings have been retained because - why not, who doesn’t love feeling like they are checking into the set of a Buck Rogers. The bedrooms have been upgraded over the years so they don’t retain their original 1984 digital bedside clocks but you will forgive the owners for this because every hotel room no matter where you are in the world needs a facelift every few years to avoid looking tired and broken. The location of what the hotel is for me one of the selling points and this certainly rings true to anyone who visits Kyiv on a regular basis. It’s far enough away from Kreshchatyk street and Maidan that you don’t feel you are surrounded by only tourists and it’s within throwing distance to one of the most magnificent religious sites in all of Kyiv. The Kyiv Perchersk Lavra Monastery as well as being a short stroll from the Motherland Monument, various parks and museums. Would I honeymoon or make the Salute Hotel a place for special occasions - no. However, for a business trip, a brief couple of nights or for those seeking out the kitsch in a comfortable location for an amazing price (depending on when you book) it is worthy of your time and attention. It’s 3 stars and not 5 stars so don’t go expecting the Ritz but with the friendly staff and Soviet vibes of the place, you will enter with a smile upon your face and leave rested and still smiling. Needing more detail about the Salute Hotel then you are in luck as I've only gone and made a YouTube video dedicated to the Hotel Salute! If you are curious about Luxury, Mid-range and cheap accommodation options in Kyiv. Well, I’ve made it easy for you as I created that article already - click here. "Kyiv - Where to stay" I’m not sponsored by the Ukrainian Government or the hotel and the views on Ukraine and this hotel are entirely my own. I simply provide a affiliate link that maybe you might book this hotel with or another hotel with - that way I earn 1% from the booking that you make and the reservation costs you no more than if you were to book it elsewhere or direct. Contact The Wondering Englishman #Ukraine #Kyiv

A weekend in Chernihiv, Ukraine

You find yourself in the beautiful capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. And yet, you feel it’s time to visit another city in Ukraine - but where should you go? Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv or some place else? Well, the easiest option as it’s very close and accessible in a city some two hours by car to the North East of Kyiv. After you have navigated that well-travelled route, you will find the lovely historical city of Chernihiv. A city that has undergone recent renovation and has at least 1000 years of history to make it worthy of all history enthusiasts attention. Chernihiv has a population of just over 280,000 - however, with the investment that seems to be flowing into the city and the region I believe it won’t be long before the population increases dramatically even if it is simply tourism. To get to Chernihiv I took a BlaBlah bus from the centre of Kyiv. However, you could get a bus, train or even a private jet if you have the means. If you are curious about how best to travel around Ukraine - Check out this article. (How to Travel in Ukraine). Viking explorers, Mongolian hoards and Islamic warlords have all found themselves passing over the land that makes up the present-day city of Chernihiv. If you had a time machine to take in the last 1000 years of Chernihiv you would witness much bloodshed from those I just mentioned as well as the carnage from formidable Nazis and the communist loving Soviets. It’s fair to say life hasn’t been easy for the Ukrainians who built this city to what it is today. Thankfully we are living in a time of relative peace despite the Globalist driven war in eastern Ukraine this part of Ukraine is a place many older Ukrainians actually go to retire because they like the peaceful way of life here. Upon arriving in Chernihiv I personally was here to explore as many of the cities sights over the course of the weekend. As I was travelling solo and simply needed a comfortable bed for a couple of nights I picked the very Soviet hotel “Hotel Ukraine”. For the money it cost, I really couldn’t complain and if I was coming back to Chernihiv as a solo warrior again I would happily stay there again (that’s a solid recommendation in The Wondering Englishman’s world). The first impression of the city was how green and well-manicured the centre of the city was. Trees are certainly loved in this unique northern Ukrainian city and while it may not have the old cobbled streets that Lviv and Poltava may have it certainly has charm and elegance that took me by surprise. From the grand central Square which is aptly called “Krasna Ploshcha” which literally means Beautiful Square to the bustling promenade of “Heroiv Alley” which leads locals and tourists to the Ancient Chernihiv National architectural and historical reserve where you find many Orthodox Churches and Museums. The city has more than enough to gawp at and take in over a weekend escape from Kyiv. As someone who is a fan of Soviet Monuments that celebrate the bravery of those who gave their lives for the Soviet Union the city of Chernihiv does not disappoint. Although the De-Communisation of Ukraine that was set into Law after the 2014 Revolution has swept away all statues of Lenin and statues celebrating Bolsheviks. However, you won’t be disappointed as you wander around the city as many impressive monuments still remain. No trip to Chernihiv would be complete without marvelling at the ancient Monastries that are to be found dotted around the city. The stand out one for me and I think many tourists is the Monastry established by Saint Antoni (Anthony). The Monk at the time who was influenced by the monastery caves in Kyiv built a labyrinth of caves under the monastery where he and other men of worship would spend the remainder of their lives before TB, Black Lung or Trench Mouth took hold of them in the dark damp cave networks. If you are curious to learn more about Chernihiv and what you might see over a weekend break there, please check out my latest video on Chernihiv “48 hours in Chernihiv Ukraine”. Also if this blog, my videos or any of my other blogs on Ukraine inspired you to visit. Do leave a comment below and let me know how you got on. I would love to hear all about it - it humbles me when people reach out and let me know I may have inspired them and I also love it when you fire back tips and suggestions for my next adventure. Do not be shy - reach out anytime! If you found any of this useful then please consider Subscribing to my YouTube Channel. Or become a sponsor via Pledsto or SubscribeStar. Or if you would simply like to buy me a coffee you can do so via Ko-Fi. I'm not sponsored by any tourist board or anyone for that matter (at least at the time of this post). I provide this information as I believe it will be helpful to readers like yourself. #Ukraine #Travel

The coming winter of Grievance

Winter 2021/2022 is going to take many by surprise. The masses have been good obedient citizens/subjects and obeyed their masters by getting their two jabs and some may have even taken their third jab by now. All were convinced that by submitting to the experimental gene therapy that they call a vaccine - everything will return to normality. The same belief that they all had that our precious leaders would only be locking us down 2 weeks to flatten a curve that never was. In this article, I'm going to make some predictions on what is in store for us all. However, who am I to be making a wild prediction about something that hasn’t come to pass - am I a sorcerer or a time traveller? No, and the claims that I make today I sincerely hope won’t come to fruition. However, let’s go back to August 2020 when I wrote the article Your Leaders destroyed the Economy on purpose.... ( - what claims did I make then? In that article (which can be found on this website) I wrote: "The public will be incentivised globally to take up the vaccine at first, possibly rewarded with vouchers or money from the magic money tree and then suddenly you have the first social credit system outside of China. Dissidents will be outcasts from society. Their Universal Credit / Social Security payments (that many became so reliant upon as the Economy was crashed) will stop "No Jab, No Pay!" they will be told. Those looking to escape the country won't be able to escape as airlines, ferries, and train companies will refuse access unless you can show your Vaccine Passport stamp when making the booking. Your bank will then update their database with some new Financial Fraud Regulation and demand if you want to keep your account open you will have to present updated Identification. If your ID doesn't have your Vaccine your banking will be denied. Want to keep working for your employer, your employer's Insurance company will insist every employee needs to be vaccinated or that employer will lose their insurance. Life will become impossible for those who refuse to take up the vaccine. The few stragglers who remain out of the system with their stockpile of CryptoCurrency will eventually be hunted by the state as they will be declared by the obedient masses and their relevant Government as an Enemy of the state." Let’s break that large paragraph down as it’s been well over a year since I wrote that: The public will be incentivised globally to take up the vaccine at first, possibly rewarded with vouchers or money from the magic money tree and then suddenly you have the first social credit system outside of China. This article shows at least 9 things offered for Free with the Covid Vaccine - they included Krispy Creme Donuts & Cash 9 Things You Can Get for Free If You Have the COVID-19 Vaccine | Reader's Digest ( Dissidents will be outcasts from society. In Portugal you are excluded from dining The new Covid-19 rules explained - The Portugal News In France, you are excluded from dining & drinking France mandates Covid health pass for restaurants and cafés | France | The Guardian Their Universal Credit / Social Security payments (that many became so reliant upon as the Economy was crashed) will stop "No Jab, No Pay!" they will be told. In Australia, the tyrants have cut off Family payments if the Parent won’t get them or the child jabbed No Jab No Play, No Jab No Pay | NCIRS Those looking to escape the country won't be able to escape as airlines, ferries, and train companies will refuse access unless you can show your Vaccine Passport stamp when making the booking. Many of us have been excluded from various countries if we are not vaccinated - they include Israel, Malta, Canada & France Countries like Canada will no longer let their citizens travel unless vaccinated Canada's vaccine passport won't come until December, at the earliest - POLITICO Your bank will then update their database with some new Financial Fraud Regulation and demand if you want to keep your account open you will have to present updated Identification. If your ID doesn't have your Vaccine your banking will be denied. Thankfully this prediction hasn’t come to light (yet) however if you work for one of the many banks you are excluded from the office if you are not vaccinated. It doesn’t surprise me that the Banksters are pushing this as they are also pushing "The Great Reset" with the Davos Set Goldman Sachs draws a line in the sand on employee vaccination - CNN Want to keep working for your employer, your employer's Insurance company will insist every employee needs to be vaccinated or that employer will lose their insurance. Life will become impossible for those who refuse to take up the vaccine. From the banksters to the media companies the list is endless for those corrupt companies who have forced their staff to get the experimental jab. Here are the companies mandating vaccines for all or some employees ( The few stragglers who remain out of the system with their stockpile of CryptoCurrency will eventually be hunted by the state as they will be declared by the obedient masses and their relevant Government as an Enemy of the state. We aren’t there yet but they are certainly demonising Crypto and trying their best to turn vaccinated on the unvaccinated. And I think truly this will only get worse as we get closer and deeper into Winter 21/22. Remember all of this was written before there was a vaccine available. Other predictions that came to light were predicted in that article and other articles. However, many others knew what was to come as they had been paying attention to meetings at Davos, United Nations papers, UN talks and various books and interviews produced by those in charge. The elites always reveal before they carry out their plans. Feel free to check out my past articles on the Plandemic by searching Covid on my Website or clicking this link covid - Wondering Englishman ( Why do I predict a turbulent winter 21/22? I want to stress as I’ve always stated in all my articles on this subject that I am not a Doctor, a Scientist or a Virologist - I offer no medical advice and I sincerely hope that I will be wrong with my predictions. However, you do not need to be in any of these professions to be able to dissect scientific white papers, filter intel and analyse data. The unvaccinated will be blamed Along with being ostracised from society by not being able to live the same life as the vaccinated (this despite the vaccinated being just as likely to spread the virus). The unvaccinated will have the finger pointed at them by every paid talking head that they are the reasons the virus has mutated. Viruses, especially Cold viruses mutate all day long it's why there has never been a vaccine for the common cold. And yet these parasitic talking heads will ignore those scientists who suggest that the vaccines are causing the virus to actually mutate or maybe just maybe each jab is a new strain being unleashed upon the submissive population (This part I can't prove.... Yet!). The media will drum up the rabble to make the unvaccinated enemy number 1 - we will be seen as bad as ISIS in some vaccinated circles. It will be the "unvaccinated" whose lives will get more difficult. They will be fired from their jobs, turned away from airports and going out will become more and more difficult at least while there isn’t a lockdown. For when Lockdown comes back again - no one will be going out! More vaccinated will die The press and the committees will blame the unvaccinated for the mutant strains that will kill many and yet the public will be in denial of the fact that maybe; their natural immunity is faded because they’ve had 2-3 experimental shots injected into their bloodstream over the last 12 months. It is those who have taken the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) I’m most concerned about. I’ve stated since day one that the pharmaceutical companies who produced RNA vaccines (Astrazeneca, Sputnik etc) were simply reacting to a problem and trying their best to provide a solution despite their solution likely being flawed, dangerous and ineffective. And yet it is those who have taken the vials of mRNA into their veins - who will be the ones whose natural immunity in the upcoming winter flu season will be at the most at risk. Big Pharma shills and talking heads will continue to stress that a spike protein that multiplies inside the body isn’t anything to be concerned with. This is despite the data that shows blood tests done on the vaccinated show blood cells sticking to each other in a similar fashion to that of cancer patients. This is despite data that shows graphene has taken over the veins of the vaccinated. And this is despite data that shows the spike protein clustering around the ovaries of women. In the USA you are considered unvaccinated 13 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes after that second jab. Think about that for a minute! A person will have had 2 jabs and 13 days after their second jab they are still classed as unvaccinated if they are in the hospital! Trying to get hold of accurate data in terms of those who are dying from vaccines/covid is almost impossible. It’s amazing how many died within 28 days of a Covid diagnosis and they according to the CDC were definitely covid. But if a person dies of Covid 5 weeks after their first jab they will be classed as unvaccinated and we will be told that jab had nothing to do with their death and it is simply a coincidence they died after the vaccine as people die all the time. We will continue to be told that “Any death post-vaccine is incredibly rare” despite tens of thousands of deaths being reported from the vaccines days after receiving them in global reporting systems (The Yellow Card System, The EU system, VAERS system to name but some). In 2021 at least in England, more vaccinated have died from Covid than the unvaccinated ones. Are you really going to keep on believing these gene therapies/potions are vaccines? We’ve had the Delta Strain... Now prepare for the Deadliest of Strains... The Masses will look to the talking heads and wonder why their vaccinated friends and family are ending up in hospitals on ventilators and then left for dead. This despite their friends and families having 2-3 jabs of the vaccine they had so much faith in. The simple truth is these were never vaccines. With a global economy that has taken on more debt than it can sustain and the worlds reserve currency, the US Dollar close to imploding the entire financial system is about to collapse. In the eyes of the Davos Elite the only way out of the financial crisis and to bring back the natural world onto a more sustainable footing - is dramatic population reduction. I’ve written in previous articles which you can find via this website, I’ve always stated this crisis was never caused by a virus. Our Leaders crashed the economy and our leaders conditioned the planet that Lockdowns were for the greater good all to make us beg for a solution. That solution came in the form of a so-called Vaccine. A vaccine so special that you would need to be coerced, threatened and forced to get it. For most, receiving their 2-3 shots of one of the chosen experimental vaccines, they did it for the greater good or for some simply because they wanted to travel and to get their freedoms back. And yet if these vaccines are useless against the more deadly strains. Is the vaccine going to save you? Or is the vaccine, going to send you to an early grave? All because you now have a compromised immune system that is dependent on so-called boosters! Riddling your body with anything foreign is never going to end well in the long term. I’m not an Anti-Vaxxer nor am I anti pharmaceutical drugs at least used in moderation and correctly. If a vaccine is proven to do what it says and the side effects are less than the risk of you contracting the disease then I’m all for those vaccines. The Covid Vaccines are not the same as Yellow Fever, Small Pox or the Polio vaccines. Those vaccines actually do what they are supposed to and the rewards outweigh the risks. And yet despite the mounting evidence against the Covid vaccines the public is all in when it comes to these vaccines. They would rather pump themselves full of this crap if it gets their freedoms backs. Scientists are now admitting that these vaccines don't stop you from contracting Covid. Now more than ever is a time when you should be getting regular exercise and looking after your health with natural supplements and a healthy diet. None of this should ever be underestimated when it comes to beating the system and yet you will never hear them promote natural remedies or push the fatties into having a healthier lifestyle! The vaccines are responsible for the following side effects Arm soreness at the site of the injection (sometimes known as “COVID arm”) Fatigue Muscle aches Headaches Fever and chills Swollen Lymph nodes Blood clotting Guillain-Barre Syndrome Heart Conditions Delayed Periods Seizures Epilepsy Loss of Limbs Being left handi-capped Bells Palsy Breathing Problems Death! These are simply some of the side effects - the list could be pages long if we really wanted to go into fine detail as millions around the world have been maimed by these vaccines. However, try and Google or search for a list of side effects today and you will be presented with pages and pages of mainstream news telling you there is no danger to these vaccines. Then ask yourself who owns the Media that is being consumed or who is sponsoring that media outlet with advertising revenue. It’s not in their interests to tell you the truth as their owners and advertisers do not want you to know the truth. What is completely unknown are the Medium and Long Term side effects of these vaccines. It’s my belief (and yes this is just a belief) that those who survive the vaccines will largely be made infertile. This is an agenda to depopulate the planet. The Elite are sick of the consumers and in an almost “Children of Men” Scenario; few babies will be born in the coming future. However, this will be the least of the survivor’s worries as they will have born witness to the Technocratic takeover of the planet where only the Technocrats have a say in Global matters as everyone else left will be treated like serfs, fully aware, they are the less than 1 billion on the planet that once almost peaked at 8 billion. In the coming Winters over the course of the next 5 years, we will see the vaccinated dropping like flies. The boosters that will keep being pushed will over time compromise the immune systems of those who took the jabs. Winter flu season will be passed off as the new deadly strain of Covid. They will call the next one Covid-21 and then for those lucky enough to survive that will witness Covid-23. And yet it will be the vaccines that are really killing everyone by compromising their immune systems. In 2020, Pneumonia, Flu & Bronchitis were being palmed off along with every motorcycle death as Covid-19. In 2021 this has remained true except in 2021 many of the deaths are from the vaccines and the mutated virus, but instead, it’s all being called Covid. The build-up of neglected patients by those health care providers the masses clapped for can't be underestimated when it comes to the ticking timebomb of deaths that are now filtering through the system. People who 10 years ago would have lived to way past 80 are now going to meet a far earlier death due to the missed diagnoses by their Doctors, who will only see them on Zoom, rather than face to face.

Historians will look back on this period of human history with shock, awe and total disgust. They will wonder how billions of people were taken into a plan of so few. They will wonder how Global Governments were all manipulated to send their population to an early grave and they will either be very much impressed or revolted about how the financial system was saved with the planned crisis conspiracy theorists have titled the Plandemic. The winners are the writers of history - whether or not evidence of this criminality is revealed to our future human selves in 1000 years is questionable. So many wrongs of our past are glossed over or simply ignored. This blip in human history may save the Bio-Diversity of the planet but it will fundamentally alter the paths of the many who will be forever the serfs of the few. Stay strong and stay healthy mentally and physically and if you appreciate my content please do check out my contact page that gives you access to all the ways you can reach me and support my work. Keep the faith and never surrender to these tyrants! #Covid19 #Plandemic

Kyiv Beach Clubs - We don't need the Sea where we are going!

Kyiv is one of Europe's greatest cities and this is especially true in the Summer months. And yet, when the temperature rises and many Kyivans escape to the Black Sea, the Mediterranean or further afield some folks will still find themselves in hot and sticky Kyiv. However, this is not a bad place to be stuck in the summer months? As long as you avoid the sticky congested streets of Kyiv your going to have a good time especially if you have the time to check out the various Beach Clubs of Kyiv. In this article, I'll highlight some of the best Kyiv beach clubs in and around the City. Each one offers those in need of vitamin D something a little different. From high-end beach clubs to those that cater for everyone. If you are curious how to get to some of the Beach Clubs as quickly as possible from the centre of Kyiv - do check out my video "Get me to a Beach Club as quickly as possible!" ***Bookmark or Save this Page as it will be updated when new clubs appear or change their names*** Eden Beach Club Once known as Bora Bora Beach Club but thankfully has now changed its name to avoid confusion with the Ibiza institution found in Ibiza on the west side of the Balearic Island. Strangely it changed its name to match the San Antonio NightClub found in the East of Ibiza! However, Eden is a very different place to that infamous San Antonio institution. Here you will find beautiful large white sunbeds, 2 swimming pools, a hot tub, a decent sushi restaurant and a dance floor that is regularly packed out at weekends due to their policy of inviting some of the greatest DJs in the world to play here. Some of my favourite nights I've seen at this location include Artbat, Agents of Time, Damian Lazarus & Patrice Baumel. Certainly a favourite for those who love their Techno like I do! Fifty Beach Club Once known as Olmeca Beach Club - it seems to be following in the footsteps of Eden Beach Club due to it being right next door to them it changed its name in 2021. This large beach club which has a very large swimming pool and plenty of sun loungers it will certainly tick the boxes if you are after a large crowd who like to show off. Expect plenty of posers here but at the same time, it has a laid back vibe so nothing to feel intimated about. The music policy is a bit hit and miss - it ranges from commercial pop music to the odd rare techno night. Although personally, I'm yet to experience an exceptional night here. However, it's certainly a place worthy of your time when the sun is out. Just don't expect to spend late nights here unless management drastically changes their music policy. SANDALI Truhanov Resort Located in the middle of the Dnieper River and possibly one of the harder to reach Beach Clubs to get to despite being slap bang between the Left and Right bank of the north side of Kyiv. This quirky place regularly hosts weddings and private events however when not hosting these special events it's worthy of a visit. The music isn't as on point as one would like but the friendly staff and patrons more than make up for the lack of Baleric beats that you are more likely to get over at Eden Beach Club. You might find yourself here after the sun sets as Sandali hosts regular outdoor cinema events. Worthy of your time if you are a fan of outdoor cinema. The large grounds of Sandali Truhanov Resort means it's a great place for all ages. Osocor Residence One of Kyiv's biggest and most popular beach clubs. This place has something for everyone due to the fact that it is also a hotel with connected cottages and a resort complex. Situated a good 30 minutes south of the centre of Kyiv on the left bank of the Dnieper River. It has not only a prime location on the river with a large sandy beach it also has access to great facilities. It's best to make a day/night of this place that way you can enjoy everything it has to offer. From an incredibly relaxing restaurant that caters for visitors, hotel guests and those there for special occasions like weddings. The biggest selling point at least for me about Osocor is the size of the Pool. If you find yourself at Osocor at the start of a working week you will have more space to swim if you are there at a weekend in the summer the pool will be bustling and full of life and many bodies competing for space. At the weekend you will most likely be gawping at those who spend way too much time on Instagram rather than getting the lengths in. Either way, ignoring the Instagram fanatics it's worthy of your attention. Sungrilla Secret Beach Well, it's not that secret as I'm telling you about it here and it's also easy to find on Google Maps! However, this can be found on the edge of Podil which makes it incredibly easy to get to if you are in the centre of Kyiv. This has a less pretentious vibe than a lot of Kyiv Beach Clubs you will find in the city. Prices on alcoholic drinks are more reasonable and won't blow the budget. One of the stand out features of this place is the regular comedy nights that take place here. Granted most of them are in Russian rather than English but it will give you great insight into what makes the average Kyiv resident laugh. The pool is on the small side but as a change of scenery, it ticks the boxes. Come with the right people and on the right day and you will have a good time. Lobster Beach Club A place an Englishman with pale skin could call his home should he spend too long in the sun. This has a similar vibe to Osocor Residence as it's also a resort and place many locals to Kyiv will spend 1-2 nights just to escape the city. The difference being the focus here is more on the lake location rather than the swimming pool which is distinctly average. The prices here are much more affordable than the high-end poser beach clubs elsewhere and seems to attract families and established couples more than single people. Lobster Beach Club also doubles up as a wedding location so do call ahead should you wish to visit as you will be denied if a private function or wedding is taking place here. Biruza Beach Club Literally a couple of minutes up the road from The Lobster Beach Club this club has an intimate adult pool at least early week and a busy pool at the weekends. The connecting children's pool can get very noisy at weekends. Classic Sun Loungers and Four-poster Beds and placed around this glistening pool. It's a rather relaxing place to come but don't expect much craziness - more fitting for families who need to relax and couples needing an escape from the bustling city directly to the north of them. I found this place to be relaxing but limiting when I was there - so make sure you bring a good book and plenty of sun cream as shade is a commodity at this place unless you have a four-post bed. Queen Country Club As the name suggests this place is trying its best to be as regal as possible. With ties to the Glamourous Queen Club in the centre of Kyiv, this is the place those with a car head when needing a long drive and a place to relax amongst pine trees. The surroundings are incredibly pleasant which is fortunate as the drive from the centre of Kyiv will take you on a good day at least 45minutes. It's the drive and distance from Kyiv that let this place down (at least for me). This isn't a Club you can spend the night at as there is no connecting Hotel or Cottages. So, knowing that there and back is a good 90 minutes of your day makes it all the more tedious. However, the Pool setting is very beautiful and the pool glistens. And once used to the cold temperature (it doesn't appear to be heated) of the pool, it's a great spot to swim and relax. Don't expect anything too crazy here but it is a favourite place for girls to have their pictures taken in a variety of manners. The Restaurant is worthy of your time but expect to pay a hefty bill as nothing is cheap here. I hope you are now inclined to check out at least one of the Beach Clubs - So, get yourself a new set of Swimwear and enjoy a day out in the sun. Leave a comment below if I've missed your favourite Beach Club or if you are looking for advice or tips on Kyiv. I'll try my best to answer! I'll continue to keep this page updated so please bookmark the page. As new beach clubs come to my attention this page will be updated. Please check out #Ukraine for more articles on Ukraine. 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Kremenchuk - a central Ukrainian city that may surprise you

With a population of around 220,000, Kremenchuk is another one of those Central Ukrainian cities that is often overlooked. While in Kyiv I met many locals who had never even heard of Kremenchuk and this despite it not changing its name half a dozen times over the last century like its neighbour to the West - Kropyvnytskyi. Kremenchuk has existed in its own right since the 16th Century and since then its been one of the nuts and bolts of the industrial hub of Central Ukraine. However, the question that may have brought you here - is it worthy of a visit or your time? Kremenchuk was almost wiped off the map by European Brothers when the mother to end all wars the second world war was responsible for between 90-95% of the city being destroyed due to the fanatical fighting that took place here. On the 29th of September 1943, the city was liberated from the Nazis, this day is now forevermore celebrated in Kremenchuk as the City Day. Despite rising from the ashes with a remarkable post-war recovery aided by a healthier economy, it is said Kremenchuk lacks much of the architectural charm and distinctly Ukrainian character of its sister city, the oblast capital of Poltava to the East. And yet despite these claims made by those who may only want to be negative - I'm here to claim that it is a city of charm and beauty that will draw you in and leave permanent positive memories engrained on you. The first time, you may approach Kremenchuk you might approach it from the west. You will bump across a rusty old bridge that wouldn't look out of place crossing the Mississippi River in the good old United States. The first impression many will have is that this looks ominous but maybe it's exactly why the Ukrainian Government have injected almost $400million into a New suspended Bridge that will be constructed in the next couple of years making the old rusty Mississippi bridge obsolete. Upon arriving in Kremenchuk, it becomes quickly clear the city has beauty and plenty to offer the discerning tourist who is willing to take a chance on Kremenchuk. I'm a traveller that likes to find value when I stay anywhere in the world - so like clockwork on route to Kremenchuk, I found myself an apartment via - realising upon arrival that I was going to stay for more than one night I booked another place for a second night. If you are curious about the quality of accommodation you can get in Kremenchuk I urge you to take a look at my video that shows you what you can get for a mere £17 a night. Also, I recommend using the search function to have a browse at what is available for the dates you may have in mind. Once, checked into your apartment or hotel what on earth is there to see? Well, the widened Dnieper River is worthy of being marvelled out. Not too far out of the city is the reason the Dnieper River is as wide as it is around Kremenchuk. It's all thanks to the Hydro-Electric Dam that provides Electricity for the region as well as making the river at least at this point in the geography worthy of boat tours, beach time and simply a place to clear one's head. Since the De-Communisation of Ukraine that happened from 2014 onwards, Kremenchuk has now lost its Grand Lenin Statue however, it does have an array of monuments and Soviet architecture that is sure to pique anyone's interest. I was particularly taken aback by the beautiful parks that skirt the edge of the Dnieper River combined with an array of interesting characters that I found around every corner. It's a city that will spark your imagination for the days you find yourself there. If you are curious about what I may have seen while there - please do check out the recent video I made on Kremenchuk. If you are needing extra information on how to navigate around Ukraine - I put together a free guide on how to travel around Ukraine with the different forms of Transport. In this guide, I explore the various modes of transport. All of which makes Kremenchuk more accessible and less off the beaten track. I am not sponsored by the Ukrainian Government or any Travel Group, I simply have written this post as I enjoy travelling. Please do check out this blog for more independent travel ideas and my YouTube Channel. As always, videos can always be found on YouTube & LBRY(Odysee). I use both as sadly YouTube is now censoring content whereas LBRY(Odysee) is for Free-Speech. If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee - please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman If you would like insight into where to stay when in Kyiv Click Here Insight into the capital city Kyiv Click Here A tour around Odesa Click Here Considering exploring Dnipro Click Here #Ukraine #Travel #Kremenchuk

Ukraine is more than just Kyiv, Lviv & Odesa - been to Kropyvnytskyi?

The biggest country in Europe at least for the moment - Ukraine is vast and worthy of 21st century travellers time. Regular visitors to this blog will note my enthusiasm for Ukraine via this Blog and via my YouTube Channel "The Wondering Englishman". Do check out the posts and playlists if you are curious about Ukraine as a place worthy of your time. I recently had the pleasure to visit the central Ukrainian city of Kropyvnytskyi. "Krop what ski?" Well, in a way you would be forgiven for never hearing about it until now or simply being unaware of this central Ukrainian city. Kropyvnytskyi only came by this name in the year of our Lord 2016! Kropyvnytskyi has changed its name several times over the years. The original settlement was known as Yelisavetgrad after Empress Elizabeth of Russia (r. 1741–1761) from 1752 to 1924 as well as simply Elysavet. In 1924 it became Zinovyevsk in honour of the Bolshevik revolutionary Grigory Zinoviev (1883-1936), who was born there. Following the assassination of the First Secretary of the Leningrad City Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Sergei Kirov (in office 1926–1934), the town was renamed Kirovo in Kirov's honour on 7 December 1934 - a name change similar to those of numerous other localities throughout the USSR (including present-day Kirov in Kirov Oblast, Kirovakan, Kirovabad, as well as multiple instances of Kirovsk, Kirovo, Kirovsky and other derivatives). Concurrently with the formation of the Kirovohrad Oblast on 10 January 1939, and to distinguish it from the Kirov Oblast in central Russia, Kirovo was renamed Kirovohrad, a name it maintained until 2016. Due to mandated decommunization the name of the city then changed to Kropyvnytskyi, in honour of the writer, actor and playwright Marko Kropyvnytskyi (1840-1910), who was born near the city. However the Kirovohrad Oblast was not renamed because it is mentioned in the Constitution of Ukraine - only a constitutional amendment could change the name of the oblast. Kropyvnytskyi is between Uman & Kremenchuk and can be accessed via the immense bus network that serves Ukraine. It can be reached quite easily with a 4-hour drive from Kyiv. It is also possible to reach Kropyvnytskyi from Kyiv via train but it will take you twice as long on a train and often involve numerous changes however, this isn't to say it can't be done or shouldn't be done via train. But what is in Kropyvnytskyi for the traveller who wants to visit a destination in Ukraine that isn't Kyiv, Lviv or Odesa? Well, I found myself there in 2021 and decided to document what I found. This is An Englishman in Kropyvnytskyi. Of course, every adventure to every town, city and place will be different depending on the time of year and the interest of the traveller. However, I do hope that my adventure might inspire you to visit this Central Ukrainian city that is less trodden than most. If you are curious about where I stayed when I was there. I made another video showing just how affordable this little city is. When booking accommodation in Ukraine I tend to favour the Booking website - However, I would also steer you towards and Airbnb for your accommodation needs. It's always good to use a selection that way you know you are getting the right price and the best value for money. The apartment/hotel I found in Kropyvnytskyi was via Booking - I recommend using the search below if you are curious about what is available in the centre of Kropyvnytskyi. If you are needing extra information on how to navigate around Ukraine - I put together a free guide on how to travel around Ukraine with the different forms of Transport. In this guide, I explore the various modes of transport. All of which makes Kropyvnytskyi more accessible and less off the beaten track. I am not sponsored by the Ukrainian Government or any Travel Group, I simply have written this post as I enjoy travelling. Please do check out this blog for more independent travel ideas and my YouTube Channel. As always, videos can always be found on YouTube & LBRY. I use both as sadly YouTube is now censoring content whereas LBRY is for Free-Speech. If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman If you would like insight into where to stay when in Kyiv Click Here Insight into the capital city Kyiv Click Here A tour around Odesa Click Here Considering exploring Dnipro Click Here #Ukraine #Travel

How to Travel inside Ukraine - Transport Guide

Ukraine, a country I have become very fond of in recent years but there is more to Ukraine than just the magnificent capital Kyiv. The Epic country covers an area of 603,628 km2 (233,062 sq mi), it is the second-largest country in Europe after Russia, which it borders to the east and northeast. Ukraine also shares borders with Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west; Romania and Moldova to the south; and has a coastline along the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. With a population of about 42 million, it is the eighth-most populous country in Europe. So with all this knowledge of its geographical size, its population and the wealth of entries and exits into the country it's clear there is a lot to see. However, one might wonder how should one travel around Ukraine? Thankfully, I've been experimenting with the various modes of transport around Ukraine for many years now - I've made the mistakes so you don't have to! With this guide that I hope connects perfectly to my consistent content on Ukraine, I hope it encourages you to travel around this wonderful country. I am not sponsored by any tourist board, company or individual. The article does contain affiliate links that do reward me a tiny percentage should you ever make a reservation via these links. These links do not increase the price for you they are simply the companies way of saying thank you for bringing traffic to their business. Some recommendations will not have links simply because those companies do not have affiliate programmes. The recommendations I make are the same if I were advising friends or family and I would want them to have the best experience. My first blog and this blog was designed for Friends and Family but I'm now glad everyone can now benefit from my gained knowledge. Air If you have the cash and very little time to enjoy the roads of Ukraine then Air travel is one way to see the country very quickly. The network is very centralised, so more often than not you need to change flights in Kyiv when travelling between the south, east and the west. The number of domestic flights and carriers has fallen considerably in recent years. Personally, I've used Air Ukraine many times and despite the age of some of the planes, I've always found the service to be fantastic and I've always reached my destination on time and in one piece! Bus Travel Buses serve every city and small town, but they're best for short trips (three hours or less), as vehicles can often be small, old and overcrowded. However, luxury bus services run by big companies provide a good alternative to trains. Some bus stations you will encounter are quite orderly, while others remain chaotic. The domestic intercity bus network is dense and you can basically get anywhere with a bus. However, the quality of vehicles can vary a lot depending on where you are travelling. On routes where many tourists travel, you will find the majority of buses are in good or very good condition. But if you are travelling on less popular routes, you will in most cases end up on an older bus. Also on many routes, transportation is done in small buses. There are literally thousands of tiny transport companies operating services across Ukraine. However, on the main intercity routes the two large operators, Gunsel and Autolux use Western-standard coaches. Opt for their not-so-expensive 'VIP' services if you want more comfort as well as onboard wi-fi. German operator Flixbus has just entered the Ukrainian market and is set to expand its network. Car Travelling by car in Ukraine can be a rewarding if nerve-racking experience. However, road conditions are improving and drivers may even be becoming a little more disciplined. I've yet to experience any problems with the traffic police. This is not Asia or Africa where cops are corrupt, however, this didn't always use to be the case. Before 2014 corrupt cops were more common in 2021/2022 the cops are well trained and well paid. If you bring your own vehicle into Ukraine you will need an International Driving License as you may get yourself into trouble if you do not have one. Third-party insurance is compulsory. This will normally be covered by a 'Green Card' International Motor Insurance Certificate, which should be obtained before you enter Ukraine in your own car. Hire companies will provide their own vehicle insurance. Drive on the right. Unless otherwise indicated, speed limits are 60km/h in towns, 90km/h on major roads and 110km/h on some dual carriageways. There's a zero-tolerance policy on drink driving. Believe it or not, it's a criminal offence not to wear a seat belt (although everybody ignores this rule). Traffic cops have the power to stop you but not to issue on-the-spot fines. Hitching is not very common in Ukraine due to the sheer number of buses. A fancy form of hitchhiking is BlaBlaCar ride-sharing service has made inroads in Ukraine in recent years, but of course, few drivers speak English. However, the ones who do will be an excellent source of local knowledge and most likely be keen to practice their English on you. I've met some great people using BlaBlaCar - so I'm a big fan! Local Transport Ukrainian cities are navigable by trolleybus, tram, bus and (in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro) metro. Urban public transport systems are usually overworked and overcrowded. There's no room for being shy or squeamish – learn to assert yourself quickly. A ticket (kvytok or bilyet) for one ride by bus/tram/trolleybus costs 4uah to 10uah. depending on where in Ukraine you are. Most journeys in Kyiv are now 8uah. There are virtually no return, transfer, timed or day tickets available anywhere. It's common to pay the driver or conductor on the bus. Tickets on trams have to be punched on board (or ripped by the conductor). Unclipped or untorn tickets warrant an on-the-spot fine should you be caught. For the Metros Top-up cards & QR code tickets are now also available. The tokens are now a thing of the past. Metros run from around 5.30 am to just after midnight. Taxi Travelling by a standard taxi anywhere in the ex-Soviet Union can be a decidedly unpleasant experience for foreigners, as for some reason they take pride in gaming the meters. Before the days of apps I would say -if there's a bus or tram going to your destination, take it. However, since the advent of Uber, Bolt & Uklon in the major cities, the app services are now the way to go. Although sadly not every town is serviced by these Taxi apps but all the big cities are. I massively recommend using Bolt, Uber & Uklon when in Ukraine. When there is a surge compare the price of all 3 and you will never pay too much. Please download the apps before you arrive in Ukraine and make sure your credit card or Google or Apple pay is linked to the apps that way you will never worry about the driver having change for that 500 UAH ever again!

🚕 BOLT - Use My Code - "HFDHF" - £12 Credit 🚕 🚕 UBER - Use My Code - "uberAVT" - Free £/$ changes weekly 🚕 🚕 UKLON - No discount code but worthy of your time 🚕 Train For long journeys, the train is the preferred method of travel in Ukraine. The most useful and comfortable are the daytime Intercity+ trains. Many overnight trains have old, Soviet-era carriages. Services are mostly punctual. Every train station (zaliznychny vokzal or just vokzal) has a left-luggage counter, which usually goes by the Russian name kamera khranyeninya (камера хранения) or kamera zberihannaya (камера зберігання) in Ukrainian. Many are open 24 hours except for signposted short breaks. You usually pay when you deposit your luggage and retrieve it with the receipt or metal tag you are given. All classes have assigned places. Your carriage (vahon) and bunk (mesto) numbers are printed on your ticket. SV Spalny vahon (SV, sometimes called Lyux) is a 1st-class couchette (sleeper) compartment for two people. It's perfect for couples, but if you're travelling alone, sharing with a stranger can be awkward. Not available on many routes and books up immediately despite costing two to three times more than kupe. Kupe Kupe or kupeyny is a 2nd-class sleeper compartment for four people. The most popular class and also the safest and the most fun. Sharing the compartment with two or three others is less awkward than sharing with one other (as in 1st class) and there's safety in numbers. Kupe is about twice as costly as platskart. Unless otherwise noted, train prices are for kupe. Platskart Platskart is a 3rd-class sleeper. The entire carriage is open (no separate compartments), with groups of four bunks in each alcove, along with two others in the aisle. Zahalny vahon (obshchy in Russian) Fourth-class travel means an upright bench seat for the entire journey. This class of carriage is now rare on Intercity trains, but most elektrychky (slow electric trains) have this kind of seating. 1st/2nd Class (C1/C2) Carriages on the Intercity services have seating divided into two classes (there's little difference between them). There are basically three types of train:
Express trains The Intercity express trains between Kyiv and major cities have airplane-style seats, a cafe, functional air-con and pleasant staff. They make few stops between the capital and regional centres.
Pasazhyrsky poyizd (also known as poyizd, skory poyizd or shvydky poyizd) These are mainline services travelling long distances between cities, often overnight. They usually have compartments with individual berths for each passenger.
Elektrychka (prymisky poyizd; prigorodny poyezd in Russian) These are slow electric trains running between cities and rural areas. They're often used by locals to reach summer cottages and gardens. Elektrychky sometime leaves from a dedicated part of a station set aside for local trains. They are extremely slow and stop at every station. No air-con and toilets are a hole in the floor. To avoid the hassle, buy tickets via the Proidz App, via their website or with the form below. In older trains, each carriage has an attendant called a provodnik (male) or provodnitsa (female), who collects your ticket, distributes sheets, makes morning wake-up calls and serves cups of tea. Dining cars rarely sell anything more than sandwiches, snacks and drinks, so bring supplies. Toilets are often locked some 30 minutes either side of a station. Bring your own paper. Don't drink the water from the tap. I'll try to keep this blog updated with up to date information as well as will keep posting videos about Ukraine on my Channel. I am not sponsored by the Ukrainian Government or any Travel Group, I simply have written this post as I enjoy travelling. Please do check out this blog for more independent travel ideas and my YouTube Channel. As always, videos can always be found on YouTube & LBRY. I use both as sadly YouTube is now censoring content whereas LBRY is for Free-Speech. If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman If you would like insight into where to stay when in Kyiv Click Here Insight into the capital city Kyiv Click Here A tour around Odesa Click Here Considering exploring Dnipro Click Here #Ukraine #Kyiv #Travel

Traffic Light Countries

Ladies and Gentleman, the all-knowing Nanny Government has given the British Public permission to travel once again. Since being banned for much of 2021 from travelling we are now able to head to the airport and escape the Island Prison we have called home for so long. The Government has confirmed that foreign travel will reopen under a traffic light system from May 17th 2021. Countries will be split into three categories; green, amber or red, depending on how high-risk they are. Well, some pen pusher in the civil service must have assumed the public to be so stupid that we would only understand Red, Amber or Green and because we have become accustomed to sitting in our cars on overly congested streets thanks to the ballooning population of the last several decades - traffic lights seem to be what they went with. The system will slot the foreign destinations into three categories, namely green, amber and red, based on which varying degrees of quarantine and testing requirements will be determined for arriving passengers. For the Green category, the passengers need to take a pre-departure test and a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test on or before day two of their arrival in the UK. However, they will not need to quarantine on return, unless they test positive for Covid-19. Passengers arriving from destinations in the Amber category need to quarantine for a period of ten days. They are also required to take a pre-departure test and a PCR test on day two and day eight. They can also opt for Test to Release on day five. All arrivals from the Red category will be subject to restrictions that are currently in place for those countries. The factors that will be assessed to determine the colour code of a particular country will include the rate of infection, the prevalence of Covid-19 variants and the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated. It will also consider the country’s access to reliable scientific data and genomic sequencing. The list is likely to change but at the moment the countries UK Travellers can travel to from May 17th are the following: Portugal, Gibraltar, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Singapore, Brunei; Faroe Islands, Falkland Islands, Madeira and the Azores. As an individual who has objected to Lockdowns and all the measures put in place since the World Health Organisation downgraded Covid-19 way back in March 2020 I personally think the expense of PCR tests are there to coerce the population into adopting Vaccine passports. Make the populations life harder than it need be so that they may accept the Chi-Com Social Credit system. Do not allow the government or your peers to guilt trip you in to not travelling - you are free human being and as long as you set forth in the world open to adventures the lay ahead and don’t bring your problems with you the world will welcome you with open arms. Travel is good for the mind, body and soul and by allowing these authoritarian restrictions to dictate what we can and can not do we are allowing the Globalists to destroy the dreams that we once had. Happy travelling Government websites will update I'm told every 3 weeks with country status. For the most updated information on Testing centres and travel costs, I recommend this link - which will take you to Money SuperSaving Expert who I'm told keeping this page updated daily. If you appreciate this content and would like to support me further please do Subscribe to My YouTube Channel (it costs nothing). However, if you would like to donate you can do this via Ko-Fi, Pledsto or SubscribeStar.

Will you get the vaccine?

The left went into another meltdown recently as they reacted to the hugely successful podcaster Joe Rogan. The 53-year-old podcaster was simply having a conversation as he always does about everything and nothing. His show (The Joe Rogan Experience) is hugely entertaining and if you will recall from my Top YouTubers of the all-time list he featured on that list before he left YouTube for Spotify in a deal worth more than $100million. And yet this highly entertaining podcaster can't have an opinion in 2021 without being torn to shreds by those who would call themselves the left. Joe stated healthy people could forgo the coronavirus vaccine. "I'm not an anti-vax person," Rogan said. "I believe they're safe and encourage many people to take them." Rogan did not walk back on his suggestion that the young and healthy do not "need" vaccines, which drew backlash from every leftist rag and snowflake who has bought into this Plandemic. Just like Joe Rogan I simply have an opinion and I personally believe every individual on this planet should be entitled to their opinions. Joe may be x100000 more popular than most people in the world but that shouldn't deny him to have an opinion. Life is about personal choices and what you choose to stick inside your body should be a personal choice, not something that Technocrats, celebrities or the media should have any say in what you do. Sure they can spend all the time in the world trying to convince us to take an experimental potion that probably has little use to a person who is 99.9987% immune to Covid-19. However, when they try to coerce or enforce the population through laws then this is where they cross the line. Followers to this blog will be aware of all the Covid-19 material that I've churned out over the last 16months+. I was being called a conspiracy theorist for stating that vaccines would be available before 2020 was finished - before lockdowns even began in March 2020! Experts were stating that it would be 2-3 years before a vaccine would be available back in March 2020 and yet here I was stating vaccines would be here by the end of 2020. I didn't make the prediction because I'm psychic or that I have close ties to big pharma. I made this prediction because I knew the end game of a fake Plandemic would be vaccines and then the vaccine passport which would effectively enslave the Global population to a system similar if not identical to the Chi-Com Social Credit system.

It is not my job or your neighbours' job to say if you should get one of the so-called vaccines that are now available at your local health centre or hospital. I and your neighbours simply have opinions on the matter. You will undoubtedly meet and greet people over the coming days and weeks who will shout with glee how they have just had their vaccine and thankfully they won't be suffering from the short term side effects that are impacting many people who have taken some of the vaccines. It is my hope these same smiley people won't later suffer from side effects in the medium or long term. Given that vaccine trials don't end until 2023 for Phizer and Astra Zeneca there is no way of knowing the health implications from these potions that so many are so willing to inject into their arms. I will not be coerced through guilt for others or be goaded by the line that it is for the greater good to submit to taking a vaccine. I will not be coerced to get the vaccine because otherwise, I will not be able to travel. In 1947, 2 years after the second world war ended it was decided in Nuremberg that Scientists should abide by 10 Rules. These rules were forever to be known as the Nuremberg Code. The first rule is "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential". If everyone taking these so-called vaccines knew they were test subjects would they be so keen to take them? Maybe, everyone is fully aware that they are test subjects, but I simply do not believe this to be the case. It's amazing how many NPCs I hear on a daily basis telling me that the vaccines are fully approved and fully tested. I think they believe if they repeat the mantra then it will prove to be correct when in fact it couldn't be further from the truth! The significant Short Term side Effects from the Covid-19 Vaccines (so far). Anaphylaxis (Severe allergic reactions) Bell’s Palsy Thrombo-embolic events with concurrent low platelets Capillary Leak Syndrome Death These are the significant side effects that are highlighted on the UK's Government Yellow Flag website on a weekly basis - each case is an actual person who took the vaccine in good faith thinking it would make their life better rather than worse. The website will unlikely report in the years to come how many people suffer Medium or Long term side effects as by then Governments and vaccine companies will be able to just claim the future medium or long term illnesses are not related to the vaccine taken in 2021. It's funny how if a person dies within 28 days of testing positive for Corona Virus they are labelled as a Covid-19 death even though they died in a car crash and yet when a person dies 2-3 days after taking a vaccine the cause of death is not the experimental vaccine! Should you wish to investigate vaccine side effects further - please check out the CDC's VAERS website where they keep a database on the impact of Covid-19 Vaccines. Let me know in the comments below if you have already been coerced into taking these experimental vaccines. Or if you plan to take one of them to simply be able to get on with the life that we once knew so well. If you do decide the vaccine is appropriate for you I hope you and your family will be 100% healthy in the short, medium and long term - but please do not wish ill on those who do not want to partake in this experiment. And if you believe in freedom then you will also believe in the right of your neighbour to forgo the vaccine without him or her giving up any of their freedoms. If you appreciate this content and would like to support me further please do Subscribe to My YouTube Channel (it costs nothing). However, if you would like to donate you can do this via Ko-Fi, Pledsto or SubscribeStar. #Covid19 #Vaccines

Where to Drink in London in 2021?

The world has changed. London has changed. It’s not so easy that you just venture to a local London Boozer and have a drink. Now, you must pretend you have an NHS Track and Trace App. Now you must sign in as Mickey Mouse. Now you must sit outside in the cold and drink with the elements and hope the pub is breaking all carbon emissions with its outdoor gas heaters on full whack so that you may not catch Pneumonia (a problem that seemed to vanish and get replaced by Covid in 2020 and 2021). To be able to drink socially and with crowds, before things properly open again, now there are only really two places worthy of your time in central London. Soho & Borough market!

Why are these the only areas worthy of your time in central London? Well, everything else is closed until May 17th - so our esteemed leaders have told us we must lump it to save lives! Yes, you will find the odd place that is lucky to have an outdoor terrace or beer garden open in London. However, given how few and far between these are compared to good old fashioned pubs and bars you will find most places are closed due to the lack of outdoor space making it impossible for them to open.

On the first day that Pubs & bars were given permission to open up - I took a stroll from once lively Old Street to a once past it Soho to count who was open and who was not. This is what I found on that walk. Soho has risen from the ashes to be a place you actually may want to have a drink in once again. If you appreciate this content and would like to support me further please do Subscribe to My YouTube Channel (it costs nothing). However, if you would like to donate you can do this via Ko-Fi, Pledsto or SubscribeStar.

The Best Corner Guards for Baby in 2021

We love our homes and the furniture in our homes however we love our babies far more and we of course want to protect them as they learn to walk and run. The last thing any parent wants is for your little prince or princess to bash their eye out on the corner of your beautiful coffee table or kitchen table. The solution could be to rid your house of every sharp edge and corner for a couple of years where their balance isn't so good however we know this isn't possible. The best solution for any home with a new baby unsteady on his or her feet are corner guards. These not only protect your bundle of joy but also protect that furniture that will hopefully last your beautiful home for years to come. So what are the best Corner Guards that money can buy? 1) - Large Corner Guards Protectors - Pack of 14 What I love about these Guard Protectors is the fact that they don't destroy the look of the furniture on top of this they are extremely difficult to remove which means little Johnny can't take them off and risk swallowing them. A risk many cheap corner guards come with is the risk of swallow or simply being removed and then not being there when needed. The soft-touch reduces the risk of any head injury and the transparent look to them enables them to blend in meaning that elegant worktop still holds its beauty. The beauty, the incredible low cost, and the functionality make these the number 1 corner guards at least in my mind. Available on Amazon. £4.49 (Pack of 14) 2) - Canwn Foam Proofing child Safety Corner Protectors These traditional corner guards have high-density foam, which better absorbs impact, and is loaded with adhesive so they stay in place. The material is non-toxic and the design offers full coverage of sharp corners. They also come in three colors: white, brown and black. Canwn safety corner protector is made of healthy and eco-friendly soft NBR material and 100% non-toxic and no smell which will let your baby and child live healthier and safer.
Available on Amazon. £8.49 - £9.49 (Pack of 8) 3) - FiveSeasonStuff Table Foam Corner Protectors These thick and soft foam corner protectors provides great protection for your little ones. A fantastic product for reducing impact injury. They fit perfectly on various desktops and can be used in wood, glass, aluminum alloy, ceramic tile, marble, metal, cement, etc. furniture. They report to have anti-tear fiber layer - I tried personally ripping one up and it was nigh on impossible - I think I need to eat more spinach! With a very Secure and Easy Installation like all of these protectors it comes with a strong adhesive, strong enough to stay on but gentle enough to come off and not damage furniture. What is different abut these is just how many colours are available - think of a colour and they probably have that range for you! Available on Amazon. £7.98 - £12.98 depending on colour (Pack of 12)

The London Mayor Candidates and who to vote for

London - the greatest city in the world! Well, at least in my mind. So is it any wonder that a record-breaking 20 candidates have thrown their hats into the ring to run for Mayor of London. Running for office isn’t risk-free and is a very thankless task. Your political enemies will try their best to smear you in every which way possible. Politics is far from pretty and with the rise of social media and the internet, it has become easier and easier to throw mud at your political opponents. On May 6th, 2021 Londoners will get a chance to put an "X" next to their first-choice candidate and an "X" next to their second choice candidate however, there will be only one winner. So who are these brave individuals that have decided to throw their hats in the ring? Shaun Bailey: Conservative Party Kam Bayalev: Renew Sian Berry: Green Party Count Binface: Count Binface for Mayor of London Valerie Bown: Burning Pink Piers Corbyn: Let London Live Max Fosh: Independent Laurence Fox: Reclaim Party Peter Gammons: UKIP Richard Hewison: Rejoin EU Vanessa Hudson: Animal Welfare Party Sadiq Khan: Labour Party Steve Kelleher: Social Democratic Party David Kurten: Heritage Party Farah London: Independent Nims Obunge: Independent Niko Omilana: Independent Luisa Porritt: Liberal Democrats Mandu Reid: Women's Equality Party Brian Rose: London Real Party I think the reason so many have decided to run for mayor is telling on how bad a job Sadiq Khan has been for London and Londoners. Without a shadow of a doubt, Sadiq Khan has been the worst Mayor of London in all its history. You might think this statement is harsh but in reality, there have been very few Mayors in London. The first Mayor appeared at the turn of the 21st Century in the year 2000. Until then London had no mayor or needed a mayor and yet here we are in 2021 frantically trying to decide who should be the Mayor of London! The position was originally held by Ken Livingstone when the role was created on 4 May 2000 until he was defeated in May 2008 by Boris Johnson, who served two terms before being succeeded by Khan. It’s a close call between who was the best - Ken or Boris but it's an easy call to say the terrorist sympathizer and defender of all things woke Sadiq Khan has not made a positive impact on the lives of Londoners. For myself the hardest decision I’ve had to make in choosing who I will vote for is deciding between the following candidates: Piers Corbyn: Let London Live Laurence Fox: Reclaim Party David Kurten: Heritage Party Brian Rose: London Real Party I and every Londoner must make a first and second choice for Mayor. I liked these 4 candidates because they all agreed Lockdowns were disproportionate to the risk and they all have been advocates of Free Speech. Despite Piers Corbyn being a lovely man and being one of the leaders against Lockdowns I realized I couldn’t vote for Piers Corbyn because he was just too much of a Socialist. So it is, for this reason, I'm out when it comes to Piers. However, I will keep supporting him in the work he does in speaking out against Lockdowns. I also had to discount the incredibly strong candidate David Kurten because he turned his back on Gerard Batten when he allowed Stephen Yaxley Lennon to join UKIP. Despite never being a member of UKIP I felt this was poor politics on David Kurten's part. So this left two candidates for whom I could vote for. Laurence Fox & Brain Rose.

I went in search of both candidates to see what they were all about. I hope you managed to watch the entirety of the video and if you did you would see I failed to document Brian Rose's Manifesto. However, thanks to the power of the internet and the ability to go forward in time I managed to finally catch up with Brian Rose and document his Manifesto and ask some of the questions that have been raised along the road to trying to establish who one should be voting for. Remember, democracy is far from the perfect system but by taking part in it at least on a local level there is hope that you may change things for the better. Please get Khan out of office! Happy Voting!

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