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Progressing around the world one curious wonder at a time

I'm Alex van Terheyden also known on YouTube as The Wondering Englishman.  I have a passion for our blue planet and the nations of this planet.  Despite the planet feeling smaller with each technological advance I think it's also important to appreciate the uniqueness of every Nation on this planet for its Bio-Diversity and its culture. 

I'm always happy to hear from fellow travellers and listen to ideas on where to visit next my dream is to visit every country on the planet, so far I've seen 88 in detail join me while I try to explore the rest. 

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Wondering Englishman

Alex van Terheyden has been on the front line for free speech.  Some would say a costly mistake in this crazy world we now live in.  Entrepreneur & Financial Markets expert who has a passion for travel and the Wonders of the world. 

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