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  • Scammers are targetting Airbnb owners & those looking for a bargain property rental on Gumtree

    There are almost 8 billion people wandering around planet Earth and sadly a small fraction of them live their brief lives by scamming others. Now while Hollywood over the years has made some amusing films about the scammer (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Sting & Catch me if you can - to name but a few). The reality is scammers can destroy people's lives in seconds with a well-thought-out scam. And at least in London, it would seem the Metropolitan Police does not seem to care to act on these scammers. I recently found my day being turned upside down as I was made aware that the property that I rent out on Airbnb & was being used by a Scammer to potentially steal money from people looking for a London apartment. Once I had the details I immediatly got in contact with the Metroplitan Police. I informed them that the lady who had informed me of the scammers was willing to partake in the sting that would enable the Police to bring these scammers to justice. The response I got from the Police was to stay away and that they would not be helping me today. Well, I wasn't going to sit back and allow innocent victims to be scammed especially if they were under the belief that they were going to be moving into my property. I sprang into action and made my way to my property. I wasn't sure how many scammers were going to be at the property or if I would interupt the scammers stealing from an innocent victim. This is what went down: Sadly, the Metropolitan Police refused to take arrest the scammer. They didn't even want to search the scammer. They could have easily conducted a sting operation that day but because they didn't no one was brought to justice that day. However, I believe the world should know that Luke Francis (pictured) was one of at least two scammers involved in this operation. He and his accomplice or gang have most likely tried to continue with the scam as everyday victims are coming forward to say they have been cheated by scammers who fit the exact same discription as those I encountered that day. Londoners deserve a police force that looks those who pay their wages. The Metropolitan Police seem more concerned about policing those who don't want to wear a mask or those who are simply purchasing a coffee with friends than spending any police time or resources on catching real criminals in the act. London deserves a better police commisioner and a better police force. Sadiq Khan doesn't seem to care for the plight of Londoners and the people are tired of London becoming more and more lawless - something needs to change! The Ingredients of the Gumtree / Craigslist Scam. Find a property on Airbnb or Rent that property for 1 night Advertise that property on Gumtree or Craiglist. When people respond to the advert inform them they can view the property on the day you are renting the property. The day you collect the Airbnb / keys will be the day the scam takes place. As the Scammer will be playing the role of a fake Estate Agent. You will be showing potential victims around the property that has been advertised for 50% of its true value. Inform the victims that if they would like to secure the property they must return to the property with 6 weeks of rent up front in cash. Final day of the scam - the victims turn up to the apartment with 6 weeks rent in cash. Get them to sign a fake contract and inform them they can move in at the weekend. Repeat this with every person prepared to leave a cash deposit prepared to secure the property. Hand the Airbnb Keys back to the owner (hopefully via a lockbox that way they need not meet you) - the owner is none the wiser that their property has now been fraudulently sub-let to a victim whose cash you have just taken. Go home with thousands of pounds of cash in your bag, safe in the knowledge you are a scumbag and you have just ripped off countless victims who worked hard for their cash. By the time the victims realise they have been scammed - you the scammer will be long gone with their cash and the victim will be thousands of pounds poorer and the Metropolitan Police won't give a damn. Of course if you are a good human being you won't be scamming anyone. The bullet point list on the scam is meant to inform people of the existance of the scam so that it does not happen to you or people that you know. Please do not go down the dark path in life where you think the only option you have in life is to scam innocent people out of their hard earned money is the only way you can earn a living. If you found this information useful or eye opening share with a friend or relative that you think might find this information useful. The only way to beat these scammers is to never allow them to win. The police certainly won't want to help you so it is your job to help yourself! Please do check out this blog for more content and my YouTube Channel. As always, videos can always be found on YouTube & LBRY. I use both as sadly YouTube is now censoring content whereas LBRY is for Free-Speech. If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman #Scammer #ScamAlert

  • Kyiv - Ukraine - where to stay?

    I hear you are thinking of taking a short break to one of Eastern Europes finest capital cities. Flights are booked and I'm sure you found the best deal by searching with Skyscanner. The question which hopefully brought you to this page (and this always insightful blog) is most likely "Where to stay in Kyiv?" Kyiv the capital and most populous city of Ukraine is located in north-central Ukraine along the Dnieper River. Its population is thought to be around 3million people although some estimate it to be much higher - if this is the case it's the seventh most populous city in Europe. Making it a reasonably large city to navigate for any prospective tourist like yourself. If you are looking for inspiration on the city or on things to do while there be sure to check out my YouTube Channel (The Wondering Englishman) and also this Blog Post (Kyiv or as some still wrongly say Kiev - is booming!) However, do stick around and take in this post, as we will now look at the options on places to stay while visiting Kyiv. Regular readers of my Blog & viewers of my Channel will have observed I know Kyiv very well. I would be lying if I said you must stay in this part of Kyiv as it's the best part of Kyiv to stay in, and the only part of Kyiv worth seeing. Kyiv is a wonderfully big city - however, where you stay will really depend on your needs. For the benefit of this article, I'm going to assume you are visiting Kyiv for a long weekend or maybe a little longer and you're visiting this unique city for leisurely reasons as opposed to business reasons. Administratively, the city is divided into districts (raions), which have their own units of central and local government with jurisdiction over a limited scope of affairs. Kyiv has a total of 10 Districts. The districts I would advise new visitors to the city to stay in, to guarantee the most use of the city is Pecherskyi District (Печерський район), Podilskyi District (Подільський район) and Shevchenkivskyi District (Шевченківський район; after Taras Shevchenko). Basically everything around the centre and on the West side of the RIver. Although please do not think I'm saying you shouldn't stay in the other districts as all are worthy of your time - it's just when time is limited these 3 districts are where you should focus on finding the right accommodation for you. Over the years I've stayed in a selection of amazing places while in Kyiv - ranging from the best five-star hotels to serviced apartments, penthouses, and humble hostels for when I've simply arrived during Independence day and realized everything is fully booked! When visiting Ukraine I use 3 different websites to book the majority of my accommodation - they all offer something different hence the reason I use all three portals. Those portals for booking accommodation are where I book a lot of my accommodation through. They are Airbnb, Booking . com. and Dobovo. If you aren't a user of any of these website's I can't recommend them enough. All have been super useful to me on my travels around Ukraine. I believe there will be 3 types of tourist travelling to Kyiv - Those with an infinite budget where the price is not relevant to them, The Price-conscious traveller who wants the best value for money and the traveller on a shoestring. Here are my recommendations for all 3 of you. And if it counts for anything I have personally stayed in everything I recommend and I am not sponsored by any of these places. Luxury Traveller - Price doesn't matter 11 Mirrors Design Hotel This is the number one rated hotel on Tripadvisor - however, this is not the reason I'm recommending this phenomenally beautiful hotel. I've had the good fortune to stay here again and again and have always been impressed by the comfort, location, and service. This is a boutique hotel so it must be noted that this hotel only has 50 rooms so during peak season this hotel does tend to be sold out and deals are generally few and far between as the demand always remains high. The comfort and design are where this hotel trumps competitors but due to its small size, it is lacking in other comforts you would expect for the price bracket. This hotel would be perfect if only it had a swimming pool and a larger bar area rather than the small bar it has tucked away past reception. Hilton Kyiv Located on the other side of the road to Kyiv's Botanical Gardens almost at the top of a reasonably steep hill one will find the very popular Hilton Kyiv. As you would expect from Paris Hilton's Grandfather's empire this is a large hotel with many rooms. As this is a 5-star hotel you will be left very satisfied with the breakfast - perfect way to energise ready for those long walks around this megacity. And yet the real reason I really love this hotel is its fantastic Swimming Pool. I would stay at this hotel sometimes just to use the spa facilities and its awesome pool. The pool makes up for it's less than central location. Intercontinental Kyiv Boasting one of the most central locations in Kyiv (at least from a Tourists perspective) this 5-star hotel drips in luxury and finesse. I love the massive ornate reception of this hotel. (a close second to this hotel for its reception would be the Premier Palace.) However, its the size, comfort and modern rooms that make me choose this place over other rivals not mentioned today. A good 5-star hotel should always have a decent bar and the Intercontinental Kyiv has exactly this. The hotel bar is the perfect place to begin an evening before venturing out into the wider city. I recommend sampling one or all of their many fine cocktails. Many an enjoyable late-night has been had drinking whisky in the rooftop bar. The bar is worthy of your time even if you never get to stay in this superb hotel. Mid Range - Price matters but so does where you stay Once again all these recommendations will be places I've stayed and with full disclosure, I'm not sponsored by any of these recommendations so its entirely my own independent advice. MaNNa Boutique Hotel Now I was debating if I should put this hotel under the Luxury section but I decided against that. Not because this place isn't super comfortable or extremely luxurious - it's just if you get lucky, at certain times of the year, this place can sometimes be very affordable. The Location for me is extremely special - located on the southernmost edge of Podil it oozes hip and what the trendy kids define as cool. Small details make this place special and worthy of your time especially if you are looking to impress that lucky person travelling with you. Only time will tell if this place gravitates out of the Mid Range prices and into the super-luxury section. Any economist will tell you that demand tends to push up prices and sadly I think prices for this place will only go higher in years to come. Airbnb Despite recent Lockdown problems where Airbnb left the majority of hosts high and dry when Covid-19 swept over the world, I still have a fondness for this company. There are hundreds of worthy Airbnb apartments to stay in while in Kyiv. Some of course are better than others. However, I wanted to list my two favourites that can be found on Airbnb in Kyiv that I've had the pleasure of staying in. The first is located 1-2 minutes from Maidan Square and has good old fashioned sleek comfort. Whereas the second is located Slightly to the south of the centre next to the best Vietnamese restaurant in Kyiv - NAM. If you are curious, do check them out below but remember there are hundreds of Airbnbs to choose from in Kyiv and many are worthy of your time and money. Travel on a Shoestring - but still, live well It won't last forever, but for the moment Kyiv is a very affordable destination. Personally, I always prefer to have my own place, however, when backpacking and trying to make your budget stretch, hostels and shared accommodation should always be considered. These places are also great ways to meet like-minded people and sometimes locals if you opt for the shared accommodation. There are Hostels in Kyiv for less than $5 but if you spend a little more you will find something far nicer. I really rate Dobovo for finding affordable apartments. for last-minute deals and of course Airbnb. If you leave booking to the last minute, as long as Kyiv isn't super busy, you can find some real bargains. The reason for this - Airbnb algorithm reduces the prices the closer you get to your travel date. Capsule Living An export that seems to have come from Japan are the capsules. Capsules it would seem have transformed the old fashioned hostel. Partly inspired by the old sleeper trains and partly inspired by Sci-Fi space movies. Guests to these hotels/hostels now have their own Capsule/Pod. The more luxurious ones have some space between themselves and other guests. Whereas the cheap and cheerful ones are usually stacked on top of each other, like a bunk bed, but this time a capsule upon capsule. Pod Living really has come to Kyiv, as BC (Before Covid) there seemed to be a new one in the city popping up almost every month. Only time will tell if this is the way all hostels and budget hotels will go or if it's just a fad. In the meantime, you might as well embrace it for a mere $5-$10 a night depending on which one you use. AV-2 Capsule Hotel With a super central location and at the time of writing this article in 2021, AV-2 Capsule Hotel is the cheapest Capsule accommodation in Kyiv on average. Clean and worthy of your time if you are wanting to save the pennies and live like a Japanese Businessman or a Space Cadet in wonderful Kyiv. Single capsules and Double Capsules are on offer. So, this would work if you were a couple and your other half was open to zany new things. Montel Maidan These Capsules I believe have been imported from China. How do I know that? Well, for some reason, Google keeps presenting me with adverts on buying one of these new capsules. The mega-giant Google must know, I think they are an excellent idea and should be in every airport in the world. Sadly airports would rather you sleep on cold tiled floors or unwelcoming benches where every chair has its own armrest thus making laying down nigh on impossible. However, more importantly, Montel Maidan made the investment in these slick space ages capsules. Located right in the heart of Kyiv by Maidan Square. This place seems to be double the price of AV-2 due to the high tech nature of the sleeping quarters and yet by European standards it still remains good value. A-Hostel Less Futuristic but almost exactly the same and with an excellent vibe, the A-Hostel is just around the corner from the Gullivar Shopping centre. Everything you would expect from a hostel, but due to the pod-like sleeping quarters which are either Single or Doubles, you are guaranteed privacy, when you are craving some needed rest after taking in the sights and sounds of beautiful Kyiv. Worthy of your time if you are young and need to meet other travellers - this and the Good Dreams Hostel (however not officially on this list - as it's a little run down in recent years) are probably your best bets if you are looking to remain social with other travellers while on the road. The beautiful thing about Kyiv is there is an array of districts to explore and places to stay, all offering value to the different types of tourists who will eventually visit the city. I'll keep updating my YouTube Channel and this Blog on Ukraine content - so, do stay tuned. From how to travel around Ukraine to what there is to do. In my latest two videos on Ukraine (Playlist of over 20 videos), I see how safe the Kyiv Metro is while the nation undergoes the globalists Covid-19 Crisis and in the second video, I walk the entire Main Street in Kyiv - Khreschatyk Street. I am not sponsored by the Ukrainian Government or any Travel Group, I simply have written this post as I enjoy travelling. Please do check out this blog for more independent travel ideas and my YouTube Channel. As always, videos can always be found on YouTube & LBRY. I use both as sadly YouTube is now censoring content whereas LBRY is for Free-Speech. If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman #Ukraine #Kyiv #Travel

  • This was once the capital of England - you really should visit!

    Located South-west of London but once far more important than London. This small cathedral city is dripping in thousands of years worth of history. Some would even argue because the British Isles has had humans occupying it for hundreds of thousands of years this remarkable little place in ye old England has probably seen more action over time than even the greatest archaeologists could ever fathom. To ponder and wonder about it all would take a thousand lifetimes. And yet on a brisk overcast day in peak winter, I decided to explore this remarkable city in 1 hour! That city is - WINCHESTER. From what we know for certain; Man had settlements where Winchester is today for at least 2,000+ years. Although the Winchester that exists today really started when the Romans landed in Kent in AD 43 and with little resistance from the nearby tribes to Winchester began building the first real roads that make up today's Winchester. In the early days, Winchester was known as Venta Belgarum or market place of the Belgae. This Roman new town developed over the centuries of occupation to become the region’s capital, with streets laid out in a grid pattern to accommodate the splendid houses, shops, temples and public baths. Sadly as the Roman Empire became more indulgent and short-sighted to the new arrivals who made up its empire it eventually collapsed at the end of the 5th Century AD. With this, the Romans abandoned the ancient city of Venta Belgarum. For the rest of the fifth century and early sixth century, England entered what is now referred to as the Dark Ages. It was during these Dark Ages that the Anglo-Saxons became established in southern and eastern England. It was the Saxons that referred to a Roman settlement as a ‘caester’, and so in west Saxon Wessex, Venta Belgarum became Venta Caester, before being changed to Wintancaester and eventually corrupted to Winchester. The fact is a small post on a blog can't really do Winchester any justice when it comes to digesting the history of this historic place. For those of you of a curious nature - I attempted to absorb as much of this fine city as possible in my latest YouTube video. However, when you visit Winchester for yourself, I would urge you to make a weekend out of it. Support the local Airbnb's, Bed & Breakfasts & hotels for we all know that thanks to global lockdowns these people are going to need your assistance in the months to come. When absorbing the city of Winchester, immerse yourself in its history, read up on England's Great King Alfred. For he truly was a remarkable chap and without him, England may be a very different place to what it is today. Although. Alfred was born at Wantage in Berkshire, he remains Winchester’s most famous son. Alfred ‘The Great’. Alfred (Aelfred) became ruler of the West Saxons after he and his brother defeated the Danish Vikings at the Battle of Ashdown. In 871 at the tender age of 21, Alfred was crowned King of Wessex and established Winchester as his capital. To protect his kingdom against the Danes, Alfred organised the defences of Wessex. He built a navy of new fast ships to defend against attack from the sea. He organised the local militia into ‘rapid reaction forces’ to deal with raiders from the land, and started a building programme of fortified settlements across England from which these forces could gather to defend. Saxon Winchester was therefore rebuilt with its streets laid out in a grid pattern, people were encouraged to settle there, and soon the town was flourishing again. As befits a capital, a great building programme soon followed, both New Minster and Nunnaminster were founded. Together, they quickly became the most important centres of art and learning in England. In 1066 following the Battle of Hastings, King Harold’s widow, who was staying at Winchester, surrendered the town to the invading Normans. Shortly after this William the Conqueror ordered the rebuilding of the Saxon royal palace and the construction of a new castle to the west of the town. The Normans were also responsible for demolishing the Old Minster Cathedral and starting the construction of the new present cathedral on the same site in 1079. And if you only needed one reason to visit Winchester make it a visit for Winchester's epic Cathedral. I talk more about the history of the Cathedral in my video - so do take the time to have a look. Throughout the early Middle Ages, Winchester’s importance as a significant cultural centre was reaffirmed time and again, as witnessed by the number of royal births, deaths and marriages that took place in the town. Winchester’s fortunes, however, began to decline during the 12th and 13th centuries as power and prestige gradually shifted to the new capital in London, including the relocation of the royal mint. And while decline did take place in the following years - without these years of decline it wouldn't be the incredibly pretty city it is today. Winchester has so far avoided the destruction the importation of the world has brought to many towns up and down the UK. If you are considering making a weekend out of it or simply think it wise to stay at least one night in the city of Winchester, or one of the many villages that dot the nearby countryside. There are a number of options to choose from to suit all budgets. Over the years, I've had the fortune to stay in an array of hotels, apartments and various forms of accommodation while travelling. For the majority of travellers, I recommend - yes there are hotel comparison websites such as Trivago and Kayak. However, from my years of travel experience, I've discovered both of these comparison websites do not have all the hotels, hostels and apartments listed. The reasons behind this could be some premises simply do not pay the comparison sights a fee or the reason could be something else. If you know of the reason do leave a comment below. However, I have discovered no matter what the location will 9/10ths of the time have the most competitive deal and generally the most choice. However, if you are super keen to get the best deal- use, Kayak, Trivago, and in separate browser windows. An alternative which I do recommend for your accommodation is Airbnb. The authorities still allow Airbnb in the UK (it hasn't been banned just yet). I've booked a number of apartments via Airbnb. If you have not used them before (you have probably been living under a rock). But if you use this referral link you will get many Dollars, Pounds or Euros off your first booking and I'll get a very small referral kickback. I'm an Airbnb host as well as a frequent Airbnb traveller. I love Airbnb because not only does it make travelling more affordable but it also allows you to stay off the beaten track. Staying with a local or in your own cottage is far more unique than staying in a generic hotel you could find anywhere in the world. Use the map below to search for the perfect Airbnb stay within walking distance of Winchester Cathedral. I am not sponsored by the British Government or any Travel Group, I simply have written this post as I enjoy travelling. Please do check out this blog for more independent travel ideas and my YouTube Channel. As always videos can always be found on YouTube & LBRY. I use both as sadly YouTube is now censoring content whereas LBRY is for Free-Speech. If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman

  • Gdansk a perfect weekend getaway destination for everyone!

    When you think of a weekend getaway in Europe I can guarantee a few destinations will always spring to mind. Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris & Rome to name but some - however, with the growing number of smaller airports serviced by the numerous budget airlines, the choices, in reality, are endless. One such destination that is now well served by those airlines who are hated by Extinction Rebellion Protestors is the Northern Polish city of Gdansk. As a frequent traveller, I've been all over Europe so when I found myself in Gdansk for my birthday I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw and experienced. Due to 2020 being the year of crazy restrictions and curfews depending on what country you are from. I felt it was needed in order to celebrate another rotation of the sun, I would go to a place with fewer restrictions than my native London town. I would be damned if the bar was going to tell me "last orders" by 9:30 pm! (a rule that was in place when I made the trip to Gdansk). And like all these destinations that I visit, I jumped on Skyscanner and searched for "London to Anywhere", and up popped little old Gdansk! A destination myself or any of my compadres had never conveniently been to. So for a price cheaper than it is to get to the English seaside on the train - I booked my self a no-frills ticket to Gdansk, which is located on the brisk Baltic coast. Gdańsk is the capital and largest city of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and one of the most prominent cities within the cultural and geographical region of Kashubia. It is Poland's principal seaport and has the fourth largest population in Poland with just under half a million fine Polish people. It's a city that I think would appeal to all walks of life. From the solo traveller to the couple needing a romantic weekend to the family looking for a break with their noisy rabble. It has over 1,000 years worth of history to pour over and some very enjoyable sights to take in - all which can be done feasibly in a weekend. Some things you might find yourself doing while in Gdansk: Explore the Museum of the Second World War, Stroll around the Westerplatte Visit the Amber museum Gawp at the Neptune fountain Marvel at the Zuraw (the Crane) Take in some uplifting Techno Be mesmerised by Gdansk City Hall Climb to the Top of St Mary's Basilica Stroll with wonder along the Dlugie Pobrzeze (Long Riverside) And many, many more things that you need to discover yourself should you venture over to Gdansk. Do check out my video A weekend in Gdansk - I really hope it will persuade you to visit this unique European city. The video is timestamped so if you need to skip to the relevant place in the video - be my guest! I am not sponsored by the Polish Government or any travel company - I simply make this recommendation in the same way Keith tells you Goodfellas is a movie worthy of your time! My videos can always be found on YouTube & LBRY. I use both as sadly YouTube is now censoring content whereas LBRY is for the moment for Free-Speech. As per usual, regular readers of this blog will know that I've done the groundwork, just in case you are curious about the city. When I stayed there I stayed in a lovely Airbnb that cost less than £20 a night - Although of course being an Airbnb, the price will change depending on the demand and the season. However, if you are curious - click the link. There are of course alternatives to Airbnb. I always like to recommend if needing an apartment or hotel. They have a far bigger selection than any of the other booking sites (at least from my experience). If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman

  • Do you remember the scene in Taken where the girls are forced to inject?

    One of Liam Neeson's defining roles was from the low budget ($25million) film that grossed over $226million + at the Global Box Office. To this day TAKEN continues to make the filmmakers money from it's continued play on services such as Amazon & Netflix. Many scenes from that movie and the trilogy remains implanted in my memory and I'm also sure your memory. From the most famous scene where our hero Brian Mills says... And yet the scene that haunts me right now. Is the scene where the scumbag men from all walks of life, queue up outside tents on a Parisian Construction site, waiting their turn to spend their Grimey Euros. Some aware and some simply not caring for the plight of the girls waiting to service them. While others, I'm sure were simply oblivious to the fact that the girls were forced to inject drugs without their consent. And in Brian Mills daughters case and many other girls like her. She was kidnapped from a place she considered safe - TAKEN - tied up and forced with needles to inject a cocktail of drugs so she would be easier to manage. Treatment, I'm sure 99.9999% of society would deem unacceptable. And yet in 2020, I'm almost certain those same people who would deem this unacceptable would look the other way if their government did the same to their neighbour. In 2013, a YouGov study found that 55% of adults believed Vaccines should be mandatory for something as simple as the MMR injection. Sadly, the British public in 2020, are very similar when it comes to a completely untested vaccine - The Covid-19 Vaccine. A recent study carried out by YouGov found that 49% of British Adults believed the Vaccine should be Mandatory! And a further 17% were so braindead when asked this question they simply said: "I don't know"! This study gave the power and authority to the British government and most likely all western governments sat up and paid attention. It authorised without much of a struggle, the ability to push forward with authoritarian powers that would make our Leaders no better than the fictional people trafficking Albanians, in the film TAKEN! The British Government's health secretary Matt Hancock has already admitted that mandatory vaccines can not be ruled out. This utter cretin of a Health secretary seems inspired by the fictional Albanian drug gangs that Liam Neeson so beautifully took out over the course of his 2008 box-office smash. This bastard who is jointly responsible for the destruction of the British Economy in 2020 will most likely claim that vaccines won't be mandatory, but at the same time, he will be putting pressure on big business to make your life very difficult if you refuse to get the vaccine. Already we have seen companies like Qantas Airways come out and say it will not allow passengers to board their planes unless they are vaccinated. Within days of CEO Alan Joyce announcing this tyrannical policy, a Hero was shown to smash a pie into his face while giving a speech. Over the coming days and weeks, I'm sure many Globalist CEO's will stand up and say they are also will be doing the same. Pies will also be waiting for them, should they take this path. The Iraqi born Minister for Stratford-on-Avon Nadhim Zahawi was recently given responsibility for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment at DHSC. Who it must be added, also co-founded the international Internet-based market research firm YouGov of which he was Chief Executive until February 2010. Nadhim Zahawi is thought to be the second-highest-paid MP sitting in British parliament - due to his numerous corporate connections. Isn't it amazing how the same market research company, that he founded, has been testing the waters for months, when it comes to finding out how submissive the UK population is, in regards to Mandatory Vaccines! Beyond corrupt and beyond sinister if you were to ask my take on this matter. YouGov were likely commissioned by the British Government to measure how easily the British Public would submit to tyranny. And in doing so Nadim Zahawi (a YouGov Shareholder) indirectly benefited by getting the YouGov fees and fast-tracking the Deployment of the numerous Covid-19 vaccines the British Government have purchased in recent months. The UK's Covid vaccine minister (Nadim Zahawi) suggested only this week that bars, cinemas and football stadiums could BAN Brits who haven't had jab as he admits No10 is looking at 'immunity passports'. Remember my blog posts way back in March of this year. I told you that this would happen and for that revelation, I was called a Conspiracy Theorist. No Government minister or Government department should dictate what poison should go in one's body. Any Global Government, Multinational Corporation or member of the public that demands Mandatory vaccines on those that do not want them through either force or via making the dissenters lives impossible. They are no better than the fictional scumbag Albanians in the movie TAKEN 1, 2 and 3. And it is for this very reason that I took myself onto the streets of London to march for my Freedoms and for those who will come after me. Resist this tyranny at all costs. Wake up - the time you have left as a free man or woman is quickly running out! The Great Reset won't be kind to the majority. If you appreciate this content and would like to support me further please do Subscribe to My YouTube Channel (it costs nothing). However, if you would like to donate you can do this via Ko-Fi, Pledsto or SubscribeStar. #Plandemic #Covid19 #London #Protest

  • Your leaders destroyed the economy - not the virus....

    As most of the west undergoes "Lockdown 2" people begin to fret about whether they will get Christmas or not. What I don't seem to understand is why these people are even surprised by what's happening. This has all been planned out since 2019 - the northern hemisphere was always going to be locked down over the winter of 2020/2021. Winter deaths that happen every year like clockwork were always going to be the excuse used by our leaders. The virus didn't destroy the economy - your leaders did! I've spoken in length on my blog and in various YouTube videos about my changing belief as the facts become more and more clear that I think this is far more sinister than the majority even seem to be awake to. My original thoughts on this matter date back to Christmas 2019 & January 2020 on Facebook - posts that have now been deleted by the Facebook gods. As Facebook censors seem to know more about this virus than dissenting Scientists. In early March I wrote the blog post "Was the Covid-19 virus released upon the world by a Shadow Organisation?" and at the same time released the YouTube Video "Should we worry about Covid-19". I pondered the changes that began to take place. The West weeks later locked down, although the UK left its borders wide open and I believe on purpose. They sent the elderly and vulnerable population home from the hospitals where they had been receiving care from. This deliberate act was responsible for countless numbers of early deaths which is why we saw a spike in deaths in April 2020. Of course, all these deaths were blamed on Covid-19 rather than the real reason which was deliberate negligence by our leaders and healthcare provider managers. Not only did our leaders neglect the most vulnerable of society by denying from them the needed care that in a normal year would have been given to them. Our leaders left the country exposed and open, by importing the virus due to selfishly welcoming visitors from Covid-19 hotspots. I personally travelled in and out of the UK multiple times and not once was I tested or even stopped to have my temperature measured and yet when I arrived in Spain in March 2020 they measured my temperature as a precaution. Throughout 2020 the EU leaders allowed the mass importation of illegal migrants to travel freely into Europe - crossing multiple borders, enabling the spread of people who were intent to ignore legal routes but also spread lethal and non-lethal viruses to the population they would inevitably come in contact with. You would almost think it was intentional by most global leaders to allow the spread of a virus so that once it spread they could impose authoritarian measures onto the population. Authoritarian measures that could be increased as the spread of a so-called virus spreads. However, by April 2020 I had changed my mind on the severity of the virus and why it was released - I speculated in my Blog post / Video "I may have been wrong about Covid-19" that it may have been weaponised deliberately to bring down populations but the virus had proven ineffective to their depopulation needs. However, as the plan had been put in motion. Global Governments had committed to their masters and thus acted to impose more strangulating laws on the populace and prepared themselves to bring in "The Great Reset". By July 2020 it was clear that world Governments were committed to ruining small businesses and that populations were pushovers when it came to submitting to their Governments. People were very accepting of every incremental rule brought in by their leaders. In the UK, Restaurants and Pubs were finally given permission to open up once again having been closed since March. However, it came with authoritarian guidelines. I wrote about these measures in my Blog post "The Chi-Coms have ruined British Pubs". New measures of "Tracking & Tracing" and the insistence of compulsory wearing a nappy on ones face were reminding the population that Lockdown 2 would come and for them and that they must not get too comfortable. The population were being prepped for what was to come as well as tested to see how subservient the population were to ever-increasing authoritarian big brother measures. Despite over 70% of the population supporting further Lockdown measures some brave souls decided to fight back. Protests erupted around the globe. As I've spent the majority of my time in London in 2020, I'll keep focusing on what's been happening here. I personally witnessed multiple protests on the streets of London where people spoke up against the Lockdowns and what they thought were disproportionate measures against a virus that seemed no more lethal than a bad flu year. To back this up - It was revealed that the majority of Covid-19 Deaths were overinflated and that 98% of all deaths had underlying health conditions. Translation - Imagine a country, has 100,000 Deaths recorded because of Covid-19, I think you can safely say the figure is 2% of this figure (2,000 Deaths because of Covid-19). Of course, 2,000 deaths is 2,000 too many but is it any reason to shut down the world and deny patients with other conditions treatment because there's a Covid-Emergency? Yet in 2020 when BLM protestors were able to rampage and cause millions of £s worth of damage all over the UK. The British Police stood back and allowed it all to happen often being chased down the road by protestors - as shown in my videos (ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter Desecrate British Monuments in London & Thugs clash at Black Lives Matter Protest in London - The Met Police finally protect statues!) and yet when protestors who showed no signs of damaging buildings wanted to gather and voice their concerns over Lockdowns, Mandatory Vaccines and sinister motives. Police all over the world went extremely authoritarian on all those speaking out. I covered the protests in one of my videos - titled The Anti-Plandemic Protest - Those who are smeared by the MSM for having a different view to them. It was by August 2020 that I had concluded this had been one big Psy-Op with my post "Your leaders destroyed the Economy on purpose...." By October 2020 I found myself fleeing the country to get away from the authoritarian measures the British public had submitted to. I had a birthday to celebrate and I would be damned if a Government was going to tell me that I had to stop my drinking by 10 pm. I headed to Poland for a long weekend and just as I was leaving the country I was informed by the newswires that anyone travelling back from Poland after Friday would have to quarantine upon their return for 2 weeks. Thankfully I work from home, much more these days, so that wasn't going to be a problem. However, it was also going to prove to be a completely pointless exercise. What right does any Government have to make you a prisoner in your own home? I pondered the measures while I waited for my plane at Gatwick Airport. Upon returning from Poland and completing my so-called Quarantine the British public got closer and closer to Lockdown 2. By mid-October I wrote about how the world governments were "Easing us into Authoritarian Lockdown" and as predicted (as it was all previously planned way back in 2019) we entered Lockdown 2 (at least in the UK) on November 5th 2020. Our supreme leaders informed us it would only last 4 weeks and yet with the Furlough Scheme that only props up middle-income earners and completely ignores those who work for themselves we could see it was being extended to the end of March 2021. If the Lockdown was only going to last 4 weeks then what would be the need for Furlough to last until March 2021. Elementary my Dear Watson - Your supreme leaders lied to you once again! Winter 2020/2021 will be cold and dark for many in the northern hemisphere of our blue planet, your leaders will tease you with promises that all will be well soon. At first, they will claim the vaccine isn't mandatory but as I've repeated over and over again since the start of 2020 they will make your life impossible if you refuse to get the vaccine. Vaccine companies are falsely claiming the Vaccine has a 95% success rate. You have a 99.99% chance of survival from this virus - so why would you take your chances with a Vaccine that has a worse success rate than the human body has at fighting this so-called virus? Especially, when we know statistically from other vaccines the side effects can affect between 1 and 10 in every 100 people being immunised, depending on the vaccine. We also won't know the fall out (side effects) from the vaccine for at least 10 years. On what planet would you be persuaded to take this vaccine other than at gunpoint? Only time will tell if the future turns more authoritarian and bleak but the signs do not look good. Those who lurk in the shadows controlling our leaders seem very confident right now that they have their ship on course - will they hit an iceberg - I can only hope so..... If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy supporting my work by buying me a Coffee please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman

  • Columbia Road Flower Market - Still here despite everything....

    Columbia Road began its life as a pathway along which sheep were driven to the slaughterhouses at Smithfield. Like much of the land in East London it was finally built on to serve the needs of a growing London population which resulted from the magnetism of Empire during the Victorian era. And yet to visitors and locals Columbia Road, Flower Market is far more important than just a road that sheep once walked upon. This Victorian Street survived the blitz and many of the braindead of architects of the 1970s who colluded with most corrupt London councils with the aid of local developers to bulldoze this street in the name of progress. Thankfully it was the strength of the people who kept this road alive and it is the strength of their character that makes Columbia Road Market the high energy place it is most days especially when it's market day on Sunday. Columbia Road is located between Shoreditch & Bethnal Green in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. Some would consider this is where the EastEnd of London begins and where at least back in the day you would find many a cockney. It’s had several names over the centuries, but Columbia Road was named in honour of the heiress and philanthropist Angela Burdett Coutts, who had not only built Columbia Market (now demolished) but had instituted a Bishopric in British Columbia. The run of Victorian shops we see today were built during the 1860s to service the population of the nearby 'Jesus Hospital Estate'. Apart from providing all the necessities of life, many of the shops were given over to upholstery as an adjunct to the thriving wood trade in the area. Woodturning and milling factories peppered the area until the late twentieth century. The buildings which house the Fleapit Café and Milagros, being two of the largest. The Flower market began as a Saturday trading market, but as the Jewish population grew a Sunday market was established. The Saturday market lapsed, but the Flower market evolved. Initially, this serviced the local population many of whose houses have small gardens. Plants were brought by handcart from nearby market gardens in Hackney and Islington and market pitches were claimed on the day on the blow of a whistle. The whole area went into a decline in the 1970s. Indeed demolition was mooted, but the locals fought back and the area and market were saved. Since the 1980’s the market has grown into one of international repute. Today a wide range of unusual shops complement it, turning the whole area into one of the most interesting shopping experiences to be had anywhere. The market is in operation every Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm. Although if you get there between 2 pm and 4 pm there is usually trade still going on. Traders arrive from 4 am to set up their stalls. A wide range of plants, bedding plants, shrubs, bulbs and freshly cut flowers is available at competitive prices. Many of the traders are the second or third generation of their family to sell at the market. The market also has shops selling bread and cheeses, antiques, garden accessories, unusual international edibles, soap, candlesticks and Buddhist artefacts. The market is popular not only with plant and flower buyers but also with photographers and television companies, who frequently film there and also me! Hence the reason In my latest video finds me visiting my local market. If you aren't local to London then I would highly recommend to either get the train into London booking via Trainline. Trying to find a place to park in London with each year becomes more and more of a chore - hence if you can jump onto a train for the weekend or just the day it is highly recommended. Of course, while you are taking in the sights of Columbia Road Flower Market you could also spend the day trying some of the local food that is found in the area on a Sunday. A great way of experiencing this if you are new to the area is to take in a Food Tour. One such tour that I recommend highly is this one: Shoreditch Food Tour Your local foodie host will meet you in the heart of Shoreditch where you will be guided through the East End's history, culture and immigration story through the medium of food. You will experience centuries-old classics alongside the most modern cutting edge dining establishments that tell the story of our fascinating community as you wander through bustling Spitalfields Market and vibrant Brick Lane. The walk lasts around 2.5 hours, with up to 6 food stops and you certainly won't leave hungry as we fill your belly and your senses with modern Indian, Burmese, Singaporean, British, Australian to Classic Jewish and African delicacies. This is not your average fish 'n chips, curry, pie and mash food tour of London, as we handpick the best independent places, doing it differently and showcase some of London's best upcoming chefs. The routes and restaurants change regularly but their quality remains their priority. Fully Vegetarian and Vegan options available! Of course, if you aren't even from the UK and need to fly into London to experience the food and the markets I would suggest flying into one of London's six airports. You are of course more than likely to be able to pick up a good deal if planned ahead. Kayak, Google Flights and Skyscanner should be the go-to websites for searching for the best flight deals. In my personal experience, my favourite place to go for European flight deals is Skyscanner. For some reason, Skyscanner works best when searching for European Flights over any of its rivals. To find the best place to stay in London I recommend using either or Airbnb for your travel needs. I've included both a & Airbnb booking portal on this page to allow you to search for bargains and compare prices. Happy Flower Hunting in the EastEnd of London! If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman

  • Whisky is perfect for any occasion

    Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey, and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested.” Maybe I took this too literally when I was a young man. However, as I’ve matured I’ve cut back on the fast driving and I now at least try to wake up early - but Whisky or Whiskey, if it’s not Scottish, is now enjoyed even more. To those who have been living on another planet or have been sleeping under a rock - Whisky is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Various grains (which may be malted) are used for different varieties, including barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whisky is typically aged in wooden casks, generally made of charred white oak. And as a person who has Scottish & Irish ancestors, I can safely say the best Whisky in the world is Scottish! However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to try the many superb varieties that are produced around the world. I think anyone who loves Whisky will be able to tell you the Japanese have mastered the art and can hold their own against the finest Scotch. Even India is in on the act! As seen in my video I shot last year before the world went Plandemic nuts where I discovered Indian Whiskey can actually taste pretty good! Paul John Brilliance Indian Single Malt Whisky 70 cl If you ever get the opportunity I would highly recommend touring the various whisky distilleries around the Scottish highlands and lowlands. This is something I spent over a week doing many years ago and I keep pining after doing it once again. However, we can’t always get what we want, we can try most of these whisky’s closer to home and in the comfort of our own home which in fact is much cheaper than going to a bar. Another way to discover whisky before making a special purchase is to go Whiskey tasting. I’m lucky that I live in London so there is no shortage of whisky tasting nights at the various pubs, bars and restaurants scattered around London. My personal favourite can be found at Boisdale's which you can find in the City, Canary Wharf & Hampstead to name but a few of the locations this fine Scottish establishment can be found. If you would like to crawl some of London's finest pubs while tasting Whisky along the way I would highly recommend trying a whisky tour with a Scotsman. In each pub, you will enjoy a dram and have a blether (chat!) a Scottish tradition dating back centuries. Some Scottish people believe it’s not whisky until it’s shared. I agree! Find out if you prefer Lowlands, Speyside or maybe you're a fan of the big peaty Islay's? By the end of the night, you will have the knowledge to walk into any whisky bar in the world and order scotch! Toast this Englishman with a Whisky if you do experience the Whisky adventure with a Scotsman. My uncle is a huge fan of whisky and has a fountain of knowledge on the drink of the gods. I’ve included some of his recommendation in this post - all can be found either on Amazon or the Whisky Exchange and of course your local Whiskey / Whisky Bar! And with the next holiday just around the corner why not make Whisky a gift. A decent bottle of whisky will be genuinely appreciated by both your favourite men and women in your friends or family deserving of that special gift from you. Many companies like the Whiskey Exchange will ever personalise the Label should you wish to make the bottle that little bit more special. Dr Nicks Holiday Whisky Reccomendations: Asian Coastal Delight - 93.117 - Glen Scotia - Cambletown - 13 years Caught the Darkness - 76.144 - Speyside - 13 years Tokaji and Tugboats - 53.298 - Caol Ila - Islay - 11 years My uncle has a whole library of videos for you to check out - so do try his Whisky Playlist if you are curious about the world of whisky. A lot of people who watch my Youtube Channel "The Wondering Englishman" seem to hail from the "Land of Down Under". And thankfully for them, they not only produce good wine but they also produce good tasty whisky (well at least according to Dr. Nick) - I'm yet to try it - but I hope to try it when I find myself in Tasmania or at least mainland Australia again. Hellyers Road 12 year old Single Malt - Available from the Whisky Exchange I'm pleased to see Dr Nick reviewed one of my favourite Whiskys "Glenmorangie Signet". Ever since I was given a bottle of this for being a best man at a wedding I've had a fondness for this distillery. Glenmorangie is one of Scotland's most popular whisky's and worthy of anyone's time. If you're not convinced have a look at Dr Nick's video on this fantastic whisky. Glenmorangie Signet Happy Drinking - let me know in the comments below what your favourite whisky is and maybe myself or Dr Nick will try and make a video on just that whisky! If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me an Irish Coffee please do click the link below to support me via

  • A day out in London's Speakers Corner

    Speakers corner - the home to Free Speech in the United Kingdom - or is it really? I'm a big fan of the craziness that goes on down in the north-eastern side of Hyde Park. I've been frequenting the corner sporadically since 1999. The Trees may have grown slightly bigger and bike lanes now pass through the corner but not much has changed about its physical appearance at least since I first discovered it way back in 1999. However, the patch of land has taken a dark turn in recent years - once a place where ideas from all walks of life could be discussed openly - it no longer seems that way as the corner has been taken over by new arrivals who seem intent on pushing their warped ideology onto the world with force and violence rather than the open exchange of ideas. The last time I made a video from Speakers corner in London hyde park it was indirectly responsible for costing me dearly. See my cancelled video to understand what happened there. However, I live by the belief that free speech and the freedom to share ideas should be every human beings right. No matter what country you live in. It has long been assumed that since the 19th century Speakers corner was a place one could speak freely and about anything. However, despite being frequented by Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell and George Galloway over the years this sadly for Brits & visitors is not the home of free speech. Unlike our American cousins, the Brits do not have the 1st Amendment. Speakers here may talk on any subject, as long as the police consider their speeches lawful, although this right is not restricted to Speakers' Corner only. And like I say, contrary to popular belief, there is no immunity from the law, nor are any subjects proscribed, but in practice, the police intervene only when they receive a complaint. On some occasions in the past, they have intervened on grounds of profanity. And sadly in the 2020s Police now have a belief in the fakery that is hate speech. However, that doesn’t stop regulars and visitors frequenting Speakers corner every week of the year. Sunday is consistently the most popular day to visit. The main reason a lot of people were in Speakers' corner, the day I decided to stroll down there, is that they wanted to show their support for a speaker called "Hutan". The previous week she had been violently attacked for voicing her opinion. The man has since been arrested but this part of Londonhould never feel intimidating for any one - man or women. However, this should not put visitors from visiting this iconic over policied and controversial corner of London. Due to the Lockdown measures that the United Kingdom is now under, it may now be illegal for speakers to gather in Speakers Corner. However, if you would like to check out the place where ideas can be exchanged sometimes with joy and sometimes with aggression I highly recommend popping down on a Sunday afternoon. Usually, between 1 pm and 4 pm, it will be at its busiest. And as per usual if you aren't from London I do recommend travelling into London via Train because parking in London is an absolute nightmare - to do this efficiently I recommend and if you want to make a weekend of it try using either or Airbnb for you travel needs. If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman

  • Easing us into Authoritarian Lockdown

    Dog owners will know dogs have memories. Pavlov taught us that dogs can be taught to salivate to the sound of a bell - this is called conditioning. Dogs like humans recall what they don't like - when a dog knows it's about to go to the Vet it will try its best to avoid the situation and it will try it's best to protest. One can only pity a dog that gets the snip losing what made him have a purpose. And yet humans do it without flinching as they treat man's best friend no better than a slave at this moment in the dog's life. Your dog didn't want the snip no matter how much you try to justify its acceptable. And yet it would seem our rulers have as much respect for the population as we do for mans best friend. We are dogs to the rulers of the world. We serve a purpose and we bring much enjoyment through our ability to create art, culture and entertainment. Yet none of that actually matters when our leaders feel the world must continue on it's planned path they have mapped out decades in advance. As I've spoken before that I believe this was all planned way back in 2019 I still stand by this. The disproportionate measures to a virus that is only lethal to 0.01% of the population are telling. Of course, they will screech - what about Long-COVID!?! Well, what about the long term impacts of mass unemployment and a broken economy on Suicide rates? As spoken about in my previous blog posts I do believe 2020 and what will come in 2021 has all been planned from those who pull the strings. Countries have been incentivised to destroy small & medium-sized businesses and encouraged to move the masses in the direction of a Communist Universal Income where everyone becomes dependent on the state and then later the impending New World Government. The NWO is readying itself for the world to be the fake saviours who will magically appear to clean up the chaos. And nations will have no choice but to obey as every nation will be crumbling under the debt issued by the Central Bankers. This will be the Great Reset - great for the Elite not great for 99% who simply want freedom and the life they once knew. This is "Tinfoil hat and crazy!" scream those indoctrinated to believe the IMF, WHO and our Shadow Governments mean us well. Thankfully, the evidence of the forced lockdowns came from one of Europes poorest but most beautiful countries. Belarus back in March 2020 was offered money by the IMF to encourage the country to implement the same lockdown measures like those the World were witnessing in Italy. In a Belarusian Article "At a recent meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers, the head of Belarus said that the International Monetary Fund offered ‘quick financing’ for almost a billion dollars, in exchange for the president’s will to do everything ‘like in Italy’." The thing is Alexander Lukashenka refused as he didn't want to destroy the economy of Belarus or enslave his nation to the privately-owned IMF. As soon as countries take on IMF loans they are suddenly slaves to dictators like Christian Lagarde. Illustrated time and time again around the world - for the "Left", I direct you to the Guardian. President Alexander Lukashenka flatly refused the loan from the IMF - rumours suggest this was going to be the 1st payment of many over the proceeding months. However, this President put his country and his people ahead of the interests of the corrupt Globalists. And yet because of this, he has been paying the price dearly ever since. The Globalists are now teaching him a lesson for his dissent from the path they had mapped out. President Alexander Lukashenka was clearly failing to comply with their disproportionate Lockdown rules and the path to the vaccine. The path that would bring in universal tracking and monitoring of all humans on the planet, combined with a universal income so as to control any dissent. And for his dissidence, President Alexander Lukashenka has had the world's media on his case since the June 2020 election. The corrupt Fake News Media have been using their sphere of influence to topple Lukashenko from power. Soros Fund Management & his investment arms have been funnelling money into NGOs inside Belarus drumming up the impressionable student population to oust him from power. Pushing the narrative that he isn't a legitimate leader worthy of his power. And yet he is one of the few leaders in Europe who has not sold his country out to the Globalist criminals intent on bringing in the Great Reset. If the IMF is prepared to pay Belarus for every month that it is under lockdown and obeys the New World Order rules then it has clearly done this with every single country in the world. Rishi Sunak the Chancellor to the United Kingdom took it upon himself to enslave future generations to central bank debt. The dishonesty that the money we borrow doesn't come with conditions is the usual dishonesty populations have come to expect from a corrupt western democracy. The Virus didn't destroy the economy your leaders destroyed the economy! It is my belief that until we are all tagged with digital vaccine passports the globalists will not loosen these lockdowns. The Winter of 2020/2021 will be a very dark winter for many. Businesses will collapse and unemployment will skyrocket globally. They want the population of the planet to be begging for the vaccine. People will give up their liberties in their belief that it brings back the life they once knew and little will they realise until it's too late that life won't return if we allow this Plandemic to keep its course. Stay healthy but we must end the cult of the lockdowns and topple these corrupt Globalists from power as they do not work for the nations of this planet - only themselves. #Covid19 #Plandemic #London If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee please do click the link below to buy me a Coffee via Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman

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