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Locked out from Protesting

It can't be cheap to Police the rabble that makes up most populations. Some rabbles (and I include myself in that rabble) can be very difficult to police while other rabbles are so easy that the head of the force probably wonders how they will keep their jobs. The lack of crime in Japan is a perfect example of this.

However, I do not live in homogenous culturally rich Japan, I live in the Big Smoke (old London town). A city dripping in history but due to its fame, location and draw, it is a city which is bloated at the belt due to the number of new arrivals who make London their home each new year. Those who own the land rub their hands together as they know with each passing year they will be able to charge higher and higher premiums for their London land. The new arrivals of course compete and realise the streets of London are not paved with Gold. And with this; crime escalates as young men seek to grab a piece of the action their inflated low moral expectations have come to expect.

As crime increases exponentially the Metropolitan Police and similar Western Police forces around the world who are also experiencing the same enrichment can't help but get busier and busier. You would think with their days becoming busier and busier they wouldn't have the time or inclination to bother policing those who are peacefully protesting. How wrong you would be!

Violent crime is now guaranteed to happen every night in London due to the British Governments liberal open-door policy to common criminals from around the world. Plenty of tasks for the London Bobby to take care of if they were so inclined. And yet be the victim of a violent attack and you will most likely never get a visit from a Police Officer, but voice your discontent for the authoritarian lockdown laws and you will likely be arrested and charged £10,000 for putting that political Anti-Lockdown protest on. Case in Point Mr Piers Corbyn.

What this now means is the British Public are not allowed to Protest the "Plandemic" that has been carried out since the start of 2020. It began with drumming up the fear of what was to come. Then it was locking the country down to keep the curve down and then it dragged on and on putting multiple small businesses out of business and millions out of work and onto the scrap heap. It was to save lives they insisted and yet if you read my thoughts on this scam in my post here you will come to understand why it has been done. A free society should value the voice of all people and all should have the right to protest peacefully and with tolerance from those in charge. And yet, in 2020, it would seem the British Government and the British Police do not want those that speak out against the "Plandemic" to protest. Those who speak out against it will be censored and will be financially punished. You may disagree with those protesting but do you really want to live in a world where being a dissident to the MSM and the Government will get you arrested and fined? But then again maybe you don't care as you side with BLM and for them, the Metropolitan Police will bend a knee and allow them to destroy monuments and buildings all in the name of Cultural Marxism. Is this tiered Policing or are they just that lazy they can't even be bothered to hide their agenda anymore?

I attended the Anti-Lockdown / Anti-Plandemic Protest David Icke gave a speech at and sadly as my camera died I witnessed Piers Corbyn being snatched by Policemen and arrested before later being fined £10,000. I think our government and our police force who have plenty of real crimes to be policing are behaving rather sinisterly as of late and those who are indifferent to it all need to wake up. Censorship and Intimidation wouldn't happen if they didn't have something sinister to hide.

It turns out this video has been shadowbanned by the YouTube Gods. The Moderators at YouTube have flagged this video making sure it won't appear in any recommended lists. What is it about this topic that has turned Silicon Valley into Communist China with its censorship?



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