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Dear Corrupt Conservative Party

Broken Britain,
The Conservatives are now only Conservative by name only - have they destroyed the UK?

Dear Conservative party,

I'm utterly dismayed at the state of this party and the state of this once great nation. I've been a member of the Conservatives since the 1990s. And yet since regaining power in 2010 you have enabled the total destruction of this once great country. I do believe this destruction isn’t down to incompetence but is instead fully orchestrated by those who pull the strings of those in power.

Leaving the conservative party
Most Conservatives considering leaving the party

As a lifelong Conservative - I considered giving up my membership back in 2018 when I was thrown to the wolves by the Conservative party when a left-wing hacktivist decided to write a libellous set of articles on me. This matter was made worse by the inaction and incompetence of the Conservatives at the time. I got no support from the Conservatives between 2018 and 2021 while the articles remained up. The Hackney Citizen later admitted Libel at the end of 2021, and yet it was only then, was I able to try and rebuild my career.

I watched a party and a government make a dog’s dinner out of Brexit - cowering to the corporations, the corrupt civil servants, and the press. Yet, despite us finally leaving – this government has wasted any advantages that would come from leaving the EU. They could have abolished all the unnecessary paperwork imposed on the city of London by the EU and yet in 2022 – nothing. They could have scrapped the European convention on Human rights and yet in 2022 – nothing. Brexit has been wasted and in my mind setup in this way so those who pull the strings will pull us back to that corrupt political union when the time comes.

Covid Tyranny, Police State, Anti-Lockdown Protestors
The UK Government acted like communist China during Covid

I stood in defiance as I watched the corrupt Conservative Government act like Communist China – anyone would think they had colluded with the Chi-Coms by the way they set about engaging with the public in 2020 and 2021. The WEF instructions, clearly were being fed to them into enforcing tyrannical lockdowns and pushing Vaccines, Vaccines so good that they were never tested to stop transmission; so of course, they clearly didn’t work! This corrupt government led by the propaganda outlet of Nadim Zahawi’s YOUGOV side hustle pushed vaccine passports and the idea of digital IDs onto a submissive scared nation. Despite all claims that this was all for the countries benefit, when in fact it was simply mirroring communist China and bowing to the demands of the WEF.

Illegal migrant crossings, English channel
Border Force welcomes thousands of illegal migrants into the UK every week

Despite all this deliberate tyranny, I kept paying my monthly direct debits to the Conservative party in the hope that maybe, just maybe I would get to speak out and have a say in the direction of the party. I watched as I saw the Conservative Government standing idly by as fighting age men crossed the channel illegally, only to be welcomed by our corrupt border force to then be placed in 3-5star hotels across the country.

Grooming Gangs UK, Bradford Grooming Gangs, Rotherham
Bradford Grooming Gang - one of many that have blighted the people of the UK

I watched with dismay as Property Developers channelled money to the conservatives so that the government would encourage the mass importation of new arrivals with each year that passed. With the sole intention of propping up the property markets that seemed to be the only reason the UK wasn’t capitulating economically. I watched as Net Migration ballooned, year after year, despite the mass exodus of Brits from the UK who were sick of seeing their neighbourhoods and country change forever. Those who remained watched as crime and civility spiralled out of control – as communities that were once homogenous no longer were. The perils that came with importing waves upon waves of new arrivals was ignored by those who served Serco and their property magnet friends. New Labour in 1997 opened the flood gates to changing the dynamics of the country by side lining the native brits for the needs of outsiders. And yet, under the Conservative Government the flood gates were opened even wider.

WEF Rishi Sunak
WEF Puppet Sunak looking for direction from his puppet masters

The party, the government and the system has led the country to this spiralling collapse, and it is to the detriment of hard working Brits who were never asked if any of this was acceptable. People look at banana republics and see the corruption – little do they imagine that one of the world’s oldest democracies in the world would stink to high heaven with corruption it does today. Is this collapse of the west led by the UK orchestrated – if it isn’t then every involved should be sacked because they reek of incompetence.

The question I now ask myself – do I continue paying the miniscule direct debit to the Conservative party in the hope that I can change the rotting corpse or just sack them off and completely turn my back on this party that is Conservative by name only in the 21st century!?! Answers and thoughts below.



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