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Jihadi Terrorist blows himself up outside Liverpool Hospital on Remembrance Sunday

Seconds before 11 am on the 14th of November 2022, an Islamic terrorist blew himself up inside a Minicab taxi outside the “Liverpool Women’s hospital”.

In a police conference on the 15th November given by the head of the counter-terrorism Policing in North West England - Ross Jackson was able to provide crucial further details into the terrifying incident thas has shocked residents of Liverpool and put the UK on high alert with expectations that another terrorist attack could happen at any moment.

“The Improvised explosive device” (IED) which caused the total destruction of the taxi driven by the Taxi Driver David Perry led to the fatality of the Jihadi terrorist Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen who went by the alias Enzo Alemi (Age 32). Thankfully the IED didn’t take the life of the innocent driver David Perry.

The Delta Taxis driver David Perry is understood to have picked up the Iraqi born jihadi terrorist in Rutland avenue near Shefton Park on Sunday morning. A good 10-minute drive from the Liverpool Women’s hospital where the IED would eventually go off.

Unconfirmed reports suggest David Perry’s suspicions were raised during the journey which eventually led the driver to divert the journey from a Memorial service where the terrorist was wanting to go to. Instead, the taxi driver headed in the less crowded direction of Liverpool Women’s hospital.

It has yet to be confirmed or denied by the counter-terrorism police whether the IED was timed to go off at 11 am on Remembrance Sunday. 11 am on Remembrance Sunday is traditionally the time those in the United Kingdom pause for a minute to remember the brave soldiers who came before us and gave up their lives for the freedoms we all now enjoy. This isn’t the first time jihadi terrorists have targeted Remembrance Sunday events in past years. Previous incidents have included the burning of poppies and flags around the corner from the British cenotaph in central London and foiled bomb attempts

4 men who are possibly connected to Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen have since been arrested under terrorism laws - ages 21 26, 29 and the fourth unknown in the Liverpool area. All are still in custody and being interviewed by counter-terrorism police. The threat level in the United Kingdom has since Sunday been raised to severe which means another terrorist attack is believed to be very likely. This is the second terrorist attack in the United Kingdom within the last month. The other one was the assassination of the MP David Amess who was brutally stabbed over 20x at his surgery in broad daylight by another Jihadi terrorist.

The PrimeMinister Boris Johnson & Home Secretary Priti Patel have acknowledged the attack but have once again been shown to have no solution to the growing threat that the British public now faces decades of uncontrolled immigration of people whose ideologies are incompatible with the west have enabled many who hate the British way of life to settle.

Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen had entered the United Kingdom illegally and managed to convince the authorities and naive Christians that he was a Christian convert in 2017. He would spend the next few years living under the alias of "Enzo Alemi the Pizza guy" and yet his true intentions would be revealed to the world on Remembrance Sunday highlighting once again how open borders and naive generosity is risking the lives of innocents.

Liverpudlians and Brits will once again be muttering to their corrupt leaders that "we were never asked". The debate will rage once again and many will ask are less safe and dramatic changes to the communities really worth an increasing GDP that mass migration undoubtedly brings? As clearly big government seems only to care about increasing the profit margins of big business over protecting the people of the United Kingdom and Europe.


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