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Salute Hotel - The Soviet Hotel in Pechersk - Kyiv, Ukraine

Under communism, design can often go out the window, and yet in the 1970s, the planners who found themselves in Ukraine decided they wanted to produce something that might encourage the locals to dream of Space and the Glorius USSR. At least that’s what I hope they were thinking when they came up with what is now The Salute Hotel in the Pechersk district of Kyiv overlooking the Dnieper River before it became mildly radioactive.

Thought up in the mid-70s and most likely inspired by 70s Sci-Fi Movies it was eventually completed in 1984, architects would call the design of The Salute Hotel; Socialist Modernism or if you compared it to the Los Angeles Capitol Records building you would think it was a more Brutal version of that striking building that symbolises the sleazy LA music scene. The Ukrainian building may have even been inspired by the Capitol Records building given that the one on the west coast of the USA was built 3 decades before the one in Kyiv appeared.

Thankfully, despite its very Soviet retro feel, the Salute Hotel is a functioning 3-star hotel. It Lobby remains faithful to the day it opened in 1984 - some would say neglected but I would like to believe the original furnishings have been retained because - why not, who doesn’t love feeling like they are checking into the set of a Buck Rogers. The bedrooms have been upgraded over the years so they don’t retain their original 1984 digital bedside clocks but you will forgive the owners for this because every hotel room no matter where you are in the world needs a facelift every few years to avoid looking tired and broken.

The location of what the hotel is for me one of the selling points and this certainly rings true to anyone who visits Kyiv on a regular basis. It’s far enough away from Kreshchatyk street and Maidan that you don’t feel you are surrounded by only tourists and it’s within throwing distance to one of the most magnificent religious sites in all of Kyiv. The Kyiv Perchersk Lavra Monastery as well as being a short stroll from the Motherland Monument, various parks and museums.

Would I honeymoon or make the Salute Hotel a place for special occasions - no. However, for a business trip, a brief couple of nights or for those seeking out the kitsch in a comfortable location for an amazing price (depending on when you book) it is worthy of your time and attention. It’s 3 stars and not 5 stars so don’t go expecting the Ritz but with the friendly staff and Soviet vibes of the place, you will enter with a smile upon your face and leave rested and still smiling.

Needing more detail about the Salute Hotel then you are in luck as I've only gone and made a YouTube video dedicated to the Hotel Salute!

If you are curious about Luxury, Mid-range and cheap accommodation options in Kyiv. Well, I’ve made it easy for you as I created that article already - click here. "Kyiv - Where to stay"

I’m not sponsored by the Ukrainian Government or the hotel and the views on Ukraine and this hotel are entirely my own. I simply provide a affiliate link that maybe you might book this hotel with or another hotel with - that way I earn 1% from the booking that you make and the reservation costs you no more than if you were to book it elsewhere or direct.


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