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Kyiv Beach Clubs - We don't need the Sea where we are going!

Kyiv is one of Europe's greatest cities and this is especially true in the Summer months. And yet, when the temperature rises and many Kyivans escape to the Black Sea, the Mediterranean or further afield some folks will still find themselves in hot and sticky Kyiv. However, this is not a bad place to be stuck in the summer months? As long as you avoid the sticky congested streets of Kyiv your going to have a good time especially if you have the time to check out the various Beach Clubs of Kyiv.

In this article, I'll highlight some of the best Kyiv beach clubs in and around the City. Each one offers those in need of vitamin D something a little different. From high-end beach clubs to those that cater for everyone.

If you are curious how to get to some of the Beach Clubs as quickly as possible from the centre of Kyiv - do check out my video "Get me to a Beach Club as quickly as possible!"

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Eden Beach Club Kyiv best beach Clubs Ukraine
Eden Beach Club

Once known as Bora Bora Beach Club but thankfully has now changed its name to avoid confusion with the Ibiza institution found in Ibiza on the west side of the Balearic Island. Strangely it changed its name to match the San Antonio NightClub found in the East of Ibiza! However, Eden is a very different place to that infamous San Antonio institution. Here you will find beautiful large white sunbeds, 2 swimming pools, a hot tub, a decent sushi restaurant and a dance floor that is regularly packed out at weekends due to their policy of inviting some of the greatest DJs in the world to play here. Some of my favourite nights I've seen at this location include Artbat, Agents of Time, Damian Lazarus & Patrice Baumel. Certainly a favourite for those who love their Techno like I do!

Fifty Beach Club Kyiv Best Beach Club in Ukraine
Fifty Beach Club

Once known as Olmeca Beach Club - it seems to be following in the footsteps of Eden Beach Club due to it being right next door to them it changed its name in 2021. This large beach club which has a very large swimming pool and plenty of sun loungers it will certainly tick the boxes if you are after a large crowd who like to show off. Expect plenty of posers here but at the same time, it has a laid back vibe so nothing to feel intimated about. The music policy is a bit hit and miss - it ranges from commercial pop music to the odd rare techno night. Although personally, I'm yet to experience an exceptional night here. However, it's certainly a place worthy of your time when the sun is out. Just don't expect to spend late nights here unless management drastically changes their music policy.

SANDALI Truhanov Resort Best beach clubs Kyiv
SANDALI Truhanov Resort

Located in the middle of the Dnieper River and possibly one of the harder to reach Beach Clubs to get to despite being slap bang between the Left and Right bank of the north side of Kyiv. This quirky place regularly hosts weddings and private events however when not hosting these special events it's worthy of a visit. The music isn't as on point as one would like but the friendly staff and patrons more than make up for the lack of Baleric beats that you are more likely to get over at Eden Beach Club. You might find yourself here after the sun sets as Sandali hosts regular outdoor cinema events. Worthy of your time if you are a fan of outdoor cinema. The large grounds of Sandali Truhanov Resort means it's a great place for all ages.

Osocor Residence Kyiv Best Beach Clubs Ukraine
Osocor Residence

One of Kyiv's biggest and most popular beach clubs. This place has something for everyone due to the fact that it is also a hotel with connected cottages and a resort complex. Situated a good 30 minutes south of the centre of Kyiv on the left bank of the Dnieper River. It has not only a prime location on the river with a large sandy beach it also has access to great facilities. It's best to make a day/night of this place that way you can enjoy everything it has to offer. From an incredibly relaxing restaurant that caters for visitors, hotel guests and those there for special occasions like weddings. The biggest selling point at least for me about Osocor is the size of the Pool. If you find yourself at Osocor at the start of a working week you will have more space to swim if you are there at a weekend in the summer the pool will be bustling and full of life and many bodies competing for space. At the weekend you will most likely be gawping at those who spend way too much time on Instagram rather than getting the lengths in. Either way, ignoring the Instagram fanatics it's worthy of your attention.

Best Beach Clubs in Kyiv Sungrilla Secret Beach Club
Sungrilla Secret Beach

Well, it's not that secret as I'm telling you about it here and it's also easy to find on Google Maps! However, this can be found on the edge of Podil which makes it incredibly easy to get to if you are in the centre of Kyiv. This has a less pretentious vibe than a lot of Kyiv Beach Clubs you will find in the city. Prices on alcoholic drinks are more reasonable and won't blow the budget. One of the stand out features of this place is the regular comedy nights that take place here. Granted most of them are in Russian rather than English but it will give you great insight into what makes the average Kyiv resident laugh. The pool is on the small side but as a change of scenery, it ticks the boxes. Come with the right people and on the right day and you will have a good time.

Kyiv Beach Clubs Ukraine Lobster Beach Club
Lobster Beach Club

A place an Englishman with pale skin could call his home should he spend too long in the sun. This has a similar vibe to Osocor Residence as it's also a resort and place many locals to Kyiv will spend 1-2 nights just to escape the city. The difference being the focus here is more on the lake location rather than the swimming pool which is distinctly average. The prices here are much more affordable than the high-end poser beach clubs elsewhere and seems to attract families and established couples more than single people. Lobster Beach Club also doubles up as a wedding location so do call ahead should you wish to visit as you will be denied if a private function or wedding is taking place here.

Biruza Beach Club Ukraine Best Beach Clubs
Biruza Beach Club

Literally a couple of minutes up the road from The Lobster Beach Club this club has an intimate adult pool at least early week and a busy pool at the weekends. The connecting children's pool can get very noisy at weekends. Classic Sun Loungers and Four-poster Beds and placed around this glistening pool. It's a rather relaxing place to come but don't expect much craziness - more fitting for families who need to relax and couples needing an escape from the bustling city directly to the north of them. I found this place to be relaxing but limiting when I was there - so make sure you bring a good book and plenty of sun cream as shade is a commodity at this place unless you have a four-post bed.

Queen Country Club - Best Beach Clubs Kyiv Ukraine
Queen Country Club

As the name suggests this place is trying its best to be as regal as possible. With ties to the Glamourous Queen Club in the centre of Kyiv, this is the place those with a car head when needing a long drive and a place to relax amongst pine trees. The surroundings are incredibly pleasant which is fortunate as the drive from the centre of Kyiv will take you on a good day at least 45minutes. It's the drive and distance from Kyiv that let this place down (at least for me). This isn't a Club you can spend the night at as there is no connecting Hotel or Cottages. So, knowing that there and back is a good 90 minutes of your day makes it all the more tedious. However, the Pool setting is very beautiful and the pool glistens. And once used to the cold temperature (it doesn't appear to be heated) of the pool, it's a great spot to swim and relax. Don't expect anything too crazy here but it is a favourite place for girls to have their pictures taken in a variety of manners. The Restaurant is worthy of your time but expect to pay a hefty bill as nothing is cheap here.

I hope you are now inclined to check out at least one of the Beach Clubs - So, get yourself a new set of Swimwear and enjoy a day out in the sun. Leave a comment below if I've missed your favourite Beach Club or if you are looking for advice or tips on Kyiv. I'll try my best to answer!

I'll continue to keep this page updated so please bookmark the page. As new beach clubs come to my attention this page will be updated. Please check out #Ukraine for more articles on Ukraine. For more video content on Kyiv Ukraine please do check out my Kyiv Playlist.

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