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The Chi-Coms have ruined British Pubs!

The above video was my first journey out to the pubs on July 4th 2020.

On July 4th 2020, Pubs in England were allowed to open for the first time since Lockdown began back in March 2020. Scotland followed on July 6th much to the dismay of the Cranky Lady in charge. And, yet, things aren't quite the same as they were. On "Inn-Dependence" Day I set off to discover if I could get a pint in a number of London Pubs. In short, the Chi-Coms have ruined British Pubs!

How, could the Chi-Coms ruin Pubs in the UK? Beijing might be 5000+ miles away from London but the actions of their corrupt communist government either deliberately releasing a virus onto the world or accidentally releasing it onto the world (jury is still out), has as you know changed life as we know it. I wrongly assumed I could casually nip out for a pint and take in the joys of a British Pub once again. Sadly, the British Government has imposed all these authoritarian rules upon us all. The British Government is the Nanny State and because the death rate is 0.01% it must wrap us all up in cotton wool to protect us from the Lab-Made CCP virus.

What are these rules that have directly and indirectly ruined British Pubs?

From one-in, one-out toilets to no dancing and singing, here’s a round-up of the new normal for pubs and venues.

Table service and avoiding ordering at the bar.

The government’s official guidance states: ‘Indoor table service must be used where possible. Outdoor table service should also be encouraged. Though customers are permitted to stand outside if distanced appropriately.’ The guidelines do not explicitly forbid customers from ordering at the bar, but strongly suggest establishments should ‘prevent customers from remaining at the bar or counter after ordering’.

Contactless and table-ordering will be the only way to pay.

Contactless ordering where possible, the guidelines also suggest that venues make it possible for guests to order and pay through a contactless app. This means the Nanny State will be able to track every purchase you make. The Government, Big Tech and the Globalists want to phase out cash so they can crush any dissidents who stand in their way. If you are stopped from having a bank account then it will be easy to convince you to comply.

No loud music or live entertainment.

I honestly have to facepalm at this rule - Irish Folk nights, Bands and Loud Jukeboxes are no longer OK according to the Nanny State! The guidelines explicitly state that venues should ensure that guests aren’t needing to raise their voices or lean in to hear one another, stating: ‘This includes, but is not limited to, refraining from playing music or broadcasts that may encourage shouting, including if played at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult.’ The guidance warns venues they ‘should not permit live performances, including drama, comedy and music, to take place in front of a live audience’. What's the point in going to many of these establishments if it will be like this!

Dancing, singing and live entertainment are off the menu for now.

OK, I understand the reasons behind this but I still massively disagree. Proponents will argue the concerns around dancing is obviously the close contact with one another and singing carries the risk of droplets potentially carrying coronavirus travelling further as pub-goers belt out their favourite songs. However, this is probably one of the many main reasons people pay the premium for a drink so they can meet, be social and be merry in close proximity.

Groups of six When sitting inside pubs or restaurants.

People will be allowed to gather at a social distance in groups of six, with a maximum of two households involved. The six-person limit remains in pub gardens, although friends from more than two households will be allowed to socialise. "Please Nanny State can I go and meet my friends?" "NO!" says the oppressive government.

Disposable condiments and cutlery.

Notice the tumbleweed from the Extinction Rebellion activists on this one. We are sacrificing the environment with this rule. In addition to being advised to use disposable condiments so that one bottle of ketchup, for example, doesn’t get used by several people in one day, cutlery won’t be laid out on tables unless people order food. The guidance says venues should ‘minimise customer self-service of food, cutlery and condiments to reduce the risk of transmission. For example, providing cutlery and condiments only when food is served.’ To this end, salt, pepper, mayonnaise and ketchup will be served in individual sachets.

Venues to keep a record of contact details.

Thought I was insane when I said we are creeping towards a Police State. Well here is another step closer to that. Venues are advised to ‘assist (NHS Test and Trace) by keeping a temporary record of customers and visitors for 21 days.’ Customers must give their name and phone number while owners are urged to note their arrival time and how long they stay at the pub. The thought is that if there is a breakout of the virus again, people can be contacted easily to help minimise potentially spreading it further. When travelling around the Communist Soviet Union before the end of the Cold war people used to have to do this. This I'm sure is only temporary before we are forced to install some tracking device on our mobile phones or actually wear a chip so Nanny state can track us at all times.

No more than 30 people indoors. Even if a venue has the capacity to hold more than that number safely indoors, the guidelines insist that no more than 30 should be allowed to congregate indoors. This is in part due to their safety in getting to and from the venue – they may be able to socially distance in the pub, but if there are too many people all using the same public transport after, for example, this could be a risk. Basically, this will force all large venues to close. All small venues will likely close also as they won't be able to ram people inside the venue for a jolly.

One-in, one-out toilets.

In the guidelines, pubs are urged to use a ‘limited entry approach’ with a ‘one in one out’ rule.

Bookings may be required in some establishments.

Now, while I was out and about this seemed to be a discretionary measure but many bars, pubs and restaurants were enforcing this. If this is across the board then gone are the days where you can pop out for a sly pint.

All these rules will ruin and have ruined British Pubs. 0.01% of the population will contract Covid-19 and die from it. I feel bad for the people who will die, but should we stop living how we have always lived because we are in perpetual fear? The CCP created this virus. Globalist Governments have embraced it by imposing authoritarian measures on the world. Are they doing this to protect the 0.01% of the population that will die from this virus or are they doing this to scare the crap out of everyone, track everything they do and make everyone's life more difficult? When a vaccine comes along the masses will be begging Bill Gates & the Nanny States for the vaccine. They will not care what the consequences of that NanoTech-laced vaccine entails. RIP Pubs of the UK & RIP your freedoms.

Until these rules are thrown in the garbage can of history, many will choose to drink at home.

You can find more articles like this on my this website or you can watch my YouTube Channel - The Wondering Englishman. See you at the pub! (I hope!)



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