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24 hours in Oslo - Norway

Updated: Mar 9

I found myself back in Oslo after having not been there in over 7 years. Prior to this, I had spent almost 5 years there on a part-time basis. Would I have liked to have returned sooner - of course! Would I have liked to return in the Summer rather than winter - even more so!

Oslo is very accessible to those living in north-western Europe - especially those in the UK. I used to commute back and forth from Oslo on a weekly basis all thanks to the bargain-priced flights often supplied from Ryanair. If you are interested in commuting between Oslo and the UK or simply needing a weekend break to Oslo - Norway. Once again I would advise using Skyscanner as your goto tool when searching for cheap flights. And I would also advise the summer is your friend in Norway rather than the winter unless you are gifted with Viking blood.

If you are curious about how one spends 24 hours in Oslo on a cold dark day then once again I made a video for my YouTube Channel "The Wondering Englishman". In this video, I visit the site of the July 22nd 2011 Terrorist Bomb attack. I observe what has changed in the last 7 years and I try to take in as much as possible. Join me on that adventure!

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