• Alex van Terheyden

A weekend in Dnipro - Ukraine

Updated: Mar 18

Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting Dnipro? Yes, No, Where is that? One of those could be your response. Well, I recently went to Dnipro - so you don't have to! Actually every place I visit I hope you will eventually visit. Every place in the World has a charm at some point in its history. Few of us would want to visit an ISIS stronghold - but before those Assholes made it a stronghold it was probably worth visiting. The hope is, one day when they are gone the place they once occupied may be worth visiting again. Thankfully Dnipro isn't an ISIS stronghold - its one of Ukraine's major cities and this being a place in Ukraine made me want to visit it. Why you ask? The main reason - I had never been there before and I like the people of Ukraine. As you would expect - I made a video about that experience - here is that weekend I spent in Dnipro.

What you will notice as the video goes on - I warmed to the place. Yes it was sketchy in parts. Yes the roads were full of holes and very little was open at night, but the city had its charms. If you are curious about visiting the City has some great Hotels & Apartments. I recommend booking via Booking.com - Happy Exploring!

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