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Berwick Street - Soho - Mad for it!

Back in the day when we actually used to buy Albums - Album covers were extremely important. I recall I would grip hold of the album and dissect it for all it's detail while laying back and listening to the recently purchased Album. One particular album that got a lot of attention was the second Oasis album. (What's the Story?) Morning Glory! Why did this album get so much of mine and the attention of the world? Well, the first Album was so monumentally good (Definitely Maybe) the second album had to be bought and then overplayed, again and again, to relive the magic of Definitely Maybe. And this was when pocket money was thin on the ground so any extra money I earnt had to come from part-time jobs. Hence any money spent on Albums was going to treasured and valued.

(What's the Story?) Morning Glory! by Oasis for at least a few years of the '90s was one of my many treasured albums. It sat proudly on my shelf when it wasn't open and being played cosy between Definitely Maybe and 1997's Album "Be here Now". And as I listened to the rifts, melodies and noise of Oasis blaring out of my needlessly large speakers I would stare at the Album cover and wonder what it was all about. Well, the iconic Album cover photo for Oasis' classic Britpop album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? was taken on Berwick Street in Soho, London, a street famed for its independent record shops and features two men walking are – Brian Cannon, art director and Sean Rowley and the photograph was taken by Michael Spencer Jones. I did not know that in the future as my love for Techno would bring me into contact with this street on such a frequent basis. I've spent many an hour listening to and thumbing records in the numerous record shops on Berwick street over the years. I even managed to meet one of my favourite DJs accidentally in one of the record shops - Maceo Plex. However, as I had my camera with me recently I wanted to explore the street for my YouTube Audience on My YouTube Channel "The Wondering Englishman". Here, is that exploration.


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