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The Best Airbnb Experiences in London.

Back in the old days, the custom when travelling would be to ask the Concierge in the Hotel lobby - what's the best restaurants were or what were the best things to do. One might refer to their Lonely Planet or Rough Guide Book. Fortunately, since Airbnb opened up travel and made it more personal and more affordable to more people, it became more routine to ask your host about what one should check out in the local neighbourhood. However, to experience something more local and intimate Airbnb has introduced Airbnb Experiences. The beautiful thing about Airbnb Experiences is, not only does the traveller get to experience a more unique experience when travelling from intimate dinner parties to a tour from a local graffiti artist. Those hosting the experiences are able to generate an income that may not have been as easily accessible to them before. So it would appear to be a win-win for both parties as long as both enter the deal with the best intentions.

I’m a Londoner who has used Airbnb as a host and a guest since the first year of its inception. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people and experienced some really eye-opening wonderful things via Airbnb. Other than being a Host and a frequent traveller I am not Employed by Airbnb - I simply have a fondness for the company so can happily recommend the company. If you are one of the rare individuals who has not yet signed up to Airbnb - use this "LINK" and you will get $50-$70 off your first booking.

Airbnb Experiences are generally small-group activities led by passionate local hosts. As I’m a Londoner who knows London well, I thought it would be appropriate to list 10 of the Best Airbnb Experiences in London.

Two small years since it’s launch, the No Diet Club has already filled thousands of bellies, achieved an overall grading of 4,9/5 and counts over 2000 positive reviews!

Their goal is simple, to help you discover some of London’s best street gastronomy, very far from all the touristic clichés. A balance between local specialities and what the locals really eat in the day.

The team consist of a number of guides as they have successfully grown since the first day. Cycling around London as a group and taking in the best street food London has to offer. Let me know if you check out the No Diet Club - I'm convinced you will be left very satisfied!

Pub Crawl History Tour
The Cock Tavern

This experience is hosted by two London locals who double up as tour guides and actors. They know every nook and cranny of Old London Town through their performances in underground bars, adventures into secret clubs, tour guiding experience and dabbling with the paranormal. They have worked on Interpretation projects and been interviewed by radio and TV for their unique knowledge of naughty London. Pubs that you will have close encounters with will include:

  • A 16th Century Pub where Queen Elizabeth danced around a cherry tree

  • Scratching Fanny of Cock Lane and the 1666 Great Fire of London

  • An authentic gin palace, former home to ladies of the night and an infamous prison

  • The 17th-century pub built by Sir Christopher Wren

  • London's largest execution ground

  • A market where you could sell your unwanted wives

  • The plague pit which supplied the bodysnatchers

A frightfully merry night - Let me know if you check out Seven Deadly Sins Pub Tour

Now if you don't have a mate called Bob who has his own Speed Boat. You can do the next best thing and book the speedboating experience with David via Airbnb Experiences. See many of the city's greatest sights the way they were meant to be seen - from the river! You'll be welcomed at Blackfriars Pier by your expert skipper and a personal tour guide for lifejackets and a safety briefing. The sound system will be fired up with great British tunes and we'll cruise down to Tower Bridge for the best of all selfies. Then hold tight as you take you on a 10-mile high-speed blast to the O2 Arena and back to Tower. We'll throttle back and while you catch your breath take in the sights of the spectacular city. For the money, this is a day you will remember that puts a smile on your face - Let me know if you do ride the Speedboat through the heart of London

Tate Modern Guided Tour
Let the Historian Guide you around the Tate

Before you book this Experience I would urge you to familiarise yourself with the Tate Modern at least once on your own. Take it all or take in as much as possible and create your own thoughts on one of Londons best Galleries. Once you realise you need to expand your knowledge I completely recommend seeing the Tate Modern with an Art Historian. It is not uncommon to feel both intrigued and confused by a piece of contemporary art. Allow Julia to guide you through the galleries of Tate Modern on a curious inquiry into what we see, and hopefully, during the 90 minutes that you spend together, you will acquire the skills of looking, seeing and talking about art.

After this experience you may look at art in a completely different way - Let me know if you do take in The Tate Modern with an Art Historian.

Scotland the home of Whisky and London despite Cranky Sturgeon's efforts, London is still the capital of the United Kingdom. And while London remains the capital why not taste some amazing Whisky with a real Scotsman! To start the night you will discover how whisky in Scotland was first produced, who started making it, the illicit trade and what made it the world-famous drink it is today.

Whisky is distilled beer so it makes sense to stop at our first pub and have one! There I will explain the different whisky-producing areas of Scotland and how each has its own particular history and taste profile. Once you have the knowledge and finished your beer it's time to hit the whisky trail!

In each pub, you will enjoy a dram and have a blether (chat!) a Scottish tradition dating back centuries. Some Scottish people believe it’s not whisky until it’s shared. I agree! Find out if you prefer Lowlands, Speyside or maybe you're a fan of the big peaty Islay's? By the end of the night, you will have the knowledge to walk into any whisky bar in the world and order scotch! Toast this Englishman with a Whisky if you do experience the Whisky adventure with a Scotsman

I'm a keen cyclist and I'm sure you might be also but if you have a spare £100 in your pocket you might be tempted to enjoy a London Tour on a Penny Farthing!

Master the art of riding these splendid machines on a tour through Westminster in central London. Those on the experience will be introduced to the Penny Farthing and its history before being helped up to the lofty height of the bicycle. You will then head out onto the streets where you will learn to safely mount, ride and dismount.

Once riders are confident on the Victorian invention they will be leisurely guided around the Westminster area, past many iconic locations such as the Palace of Westminster, Parliament Square, Churchill War Rooms, the gardens of 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. It helps to be fearless and confident with your balance this is not for the overweight and those who aren't very fit. If you do decide to ride tall through London on the Penny Farthing Bike Tour please let me know in the comments below!

Not everyone is lucky enough to go to Cuba, or maybe you simply miss the Rum fueled island in the Caribbean. For those of you who would like to try some Cuban Cigars, this Experience could be perfect for you. Your tour starts on Bond Street at the Churchill and Roosevelt Allies Sculpture. Two great leaders who had a fondness for cigars. As you walk the streets of Mayfair and St James you will visit some of the best Cigar stores in all of London. Those on the experience will be provided with a Robusto size Cuban cigar (Juan Lopez No. 2, Partagas D4 or similar). If you do get to sample some amazing Cigars while on the Tasting and Exploring Cuban Cigars tour do let me know - would love to hear how it went :)

I'll be adding more experiences via this Webpage when I get to sample and vet them. Please Subscribe to My YouTube Channel for similar content to this. The Wondering Englishman.

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