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Gdansk a perfect weekend getaway destination for everyone!

Gdansk Poland, Gdansk Crane, Gdansk Sights, Poland
Gdansk - Poland's fourth Largest city

When you think of a weekend getaway in Europe I can guarantee a few destinations will always spring to mind. Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris & Rome to name but some - however, with the growing number of smaller airports serviced by the numerous budget airlines, the choices, in reality, are endless. One such destination that is now well served by those airlines who are hated by Extinction Rebellion Protestors is the Northern Polish city of Gdansk.

As a frequent traveller, I've been all over Europe so when I found myself in Gdansk for my birthday I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw and experienced. I felt this trip was exactly what I needed in order to celebrate another rotation of the sun. I certainly wasn't disappointed - hence I am writing without sponsorship about the wonderful destination that is Gdansk, Poland.

And like all these destinations that I visit, I jumped on Skyscanner and searched for "London to Anywhere", and up popped little old Gdansk! A destination myself or any of my compadres had never conveniently been to. So for a price cheaper than it is to get to the English seaside on the train - I booked myself a no-frills ticket to Gdansk, which is located on the brisk Baltic coast.

mariacka street gdansk, Gdansk, Poland
Mariacka Street - Gdansk

Gdańsk is the capital and largest city of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and one of the most prominent cities within the cultural and geographical region of Kashubia. It is Poland's principal seaport and has the fourth largest population in Poland with just under half a million fine Polish people. It's a city that I think would appeal to all walks of life. From the solo traveller to the couple needing a romantic weekend to the family looking for a break from their noisy rabble. It has over 1,000 years worth of history to pour over and some very enjoyable sights to take in - all of which can be done feasibly in a weekend. Some things you might find yourself doing while in Gdansk:

  • Explore the Museum of the Second World War,

  • Stroll around the Westerplatte

  • Visit the Amber museum

  • Gawp at the Neptune fountain

  • Marvel at the Zuraw (the Crane)

  • Take in some uplifting Techno

  • Be mesmerised by Gdansk City Hall

  • Climb to the Top of St Mary's Basilica

  • Stroll with wonder along the Dlugie Pobrzeze (Long Riverside)

And many, many more things that you need to discover yourself should you venture over to Gdansk. Do check out my video A weekend in Gdansk - I really hope it will persuade you to visit this unique European city. The video is timestamped so if you need to skip to the relevant place in the video - be my guest! I am not sponsored by the Polish Government or any travel company - I simply make this recommendation in the same way Keith tells you Goodfellas is a movie worthy of your time!

My videos can always be found on YouTube & LBRY. I use both as sadly YouTube is now censoring content whereas LBRY is for the moment for Free-Speech.

As per usual, regular readers of this blog will know that I've done the groundwork, just in case you are curious about the city. When I stayed there I stayed in a lovely Airbnb that cost less than £20 a night - Although of course being an Airbnb, the price will change depending on the demand and the season. However, if you are curious - click the link.

There are of course alternatives to Airbnb. I always like to recommend if needing an apartment or hotel. They have a far bigger selection than any of the other booking sites (at least from my experience).

If any of this information has been useful to you and you fancy buying me a Coffee please click the link below to buy me a Coffee via

Thank you - Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman



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