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Prague - Czechia - A new name for a country and more wonderful than before

I recently had the pleasure of going back to Prague the capital of Czechia. When I was last there the wonderful country was known as the Czech Republic. Well, only that was only 5+ years ago, but a lot has changed. I have to say Prague has always been a wonderful city and has always been popular among tourists from around the world - I must say it has greatly improved. Maybe I just got lucky or maybe the Leaders of Prague are doing a great job but I didn't notice criminality which used to be so prolific.

From crooked Taxi Drivers to common street hustlers Prague used to really be a challenge even to the most discerning of tourists. However, maybe I got lucky, but I really don't think I did, as I was very aware of my surroundings everywhere I went on my last trip to Prague - the city has been cleaned up! I salute the Prague Mayor and Police the Czech Government as they have really flushed all the parasites out of the city. Well at least enough where a man who was looking for them didn't find them! On my last trip, I spent 2 full days there (3 nights in total) if you are curious about what this Englishman saw while in Prague - feel free to watch my Video posted below. Maybe it will inspire you to give Prague another chance if it's been a while or maybe still it will inspire you to go for the first time - you won't be disappointed.

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