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Two Sunsets in Fethiye

As you may have already seen - I've uploaded a new video to my YouTube Channel "The Wondering Englishman". In my latest video I found myself on Turkey's Turquoise coast at a place called Fethiye. Fethiye is known for its natural harbor, blue waters and numerous rock tombs including the 4th-century B.C. Tomb of Amyntas, carved into a bluff overlooking the city. Near-shore islands are popular for day trips by boat. In the south, the beach at Ölüdeniz is sheltered by a lagoon, and Butterfly Valley is a designated nature reserve. And once again before I decided to visit this delightful place I put my hand in the air and admit I didn't know too much about it.

Ölüdeniz - Beautiful Beach South of Fethiye

This is part of joy of travelling - other than seeing Fethiye on a map, I hadn't been exposed to the history of the place while I sat in my lessons at School - it wasn't on any documentaries I had seen while watching The Discovery Channel or YouTube over the years. Every step and every corner I turned while I was there was an eye opening experience and refreshing. Now while some of it felt very touristy and certainly not up my street - some of it was simply delightful - the coves I discovered and the amazing Tomb of Amyntas. Some of what I saw in Fethiye is in the video below - feel free to leave a comment - would be good to hear from you. I booked my accommodation via - Use this Link & get Money off your booking.


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