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Waiting - it's what he does. Tick followed Tock, Followed tick....

When you are flying high or racing along the highway you feel like you are going places. However, there are those moments in life where you are grounded waiting to take off again or stuck at a Red Light for what feels like an eternity. However, its crucial in life to be patient, the Red Light will eventually turn to Green and you will be able to start racing along the highway once more. One day (hopefully soon) air traffic control will give the signal for the plane to begin its taxi along the runway and take off one more time. Big life goals and small life goals each require patience. This old Guinness Advert "The Surfer" - reminded me of the waiting game, possibly the best Advert in advertising history. Despite being made in 1998 it still causes Goosebumps when I see it with the sound jacked up.

If you can't wait for the next random blog post - Alex van Terheyden can be found on YouTube.



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