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You may not have considered The Hague

A Canal in The Hague - Take a Canal Tour while there

When outsiders think of The Netherlands many things and places are probably conjured up in their heads. Amsterdam, Bicycles, Tall People, Windmills, Coffee Shops, Edam & maybe Ruud Gullit. Of course, there are hundreds if not thousands of other things the great Nation that is The Netherlands can be associated with. And yet, I do wonder how many people have simply overlooked "The Hague" and not considered it as a worthy option in terms of visiting as they would rather see Amsterdam or maybe see the quirky architecture of Rotterdam. Maybe I'm completely wrong and The Hague (or Den Haag) rolls off everyone's tongue in a fraction of a second as soon as they think of the Netherlands.

Hague Nightlife, Hague Bars, Hague Clubs, Hague Nightspots
The Hague really comes alive at night

Alas, this was not the case for me - for years I simply avoided The Hague - associating it with a place warlords were judged by those who have worked in Law for far too long. A place that didn't seem worthy of a long visit. Thankfully I came to my senses this year and paid it a visit, all thanks to a friend who now works in Den Haag.

So what's it like? Well as per usual (you guessed it) I captured a lot of what I witnessed on video and then made a video about it - posting it on my YouTube Channel. Feel free to watch the video if you can stomach watching me explore The Hague for over an hour. I hope if you do it persuades you to later visit The Hague. It really is a very complete city - great restaurants, historical buildings, government buildings, coffee shops, great bars, amazing museums, galleries and even a beach that is worthy of a visit. A city I will never overlook again. I'll be back!

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If you like the thought of staying with locals or seeing how locals live you can't really beat an Airbnb stay. There are some amazing apartments and houses dotted around the city that will cater to all types of traveller in the city of The Hague. Have a look in the window below and let me know if you do end up visiting the wonderful city of The Hague.

Happy Travelling! The Wondering Englishman - Alex van Terheyden



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