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Banksy sets up shop in Croydon

I've been a fan of Banksy since the days when he/she/they would spray my local neighbourhood with interesting Stencils. At first, my friends and I who lived in Shoreditch would scratch our heads at why we would see all these stencil "Rats" everywhere. Then the stencils would become more interesting from The Maid on the side of Hoxton Squares' White Cube Gallery to the Pulp Fiction Banana stencil by Old Street Station. As I and the world grew to love seeing Banksy art it became part and parcel of our culture. You couldn't avoid seeing a Banksy somewhere in London either as a reproduction poster or postcard of some flavour. Even my Twitter profile has remained the same Banksy since day 1.

However, many years have passed and artists have come and gone but Banksy is still making headlines. The mainstream news loves him as does the public at large. His/Her/Their Art is Political and usually relevant to the front pages of the news. As Banksy had set up Shop in Croydon - I decided to go along and see what it was like. This is that experience via my YouTube Channel.


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