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Where to Drink in London?

The world has changed. London has changed. It’s not so easy that you just venture to a local London Boozer and have a drink. Now, you must pretend you have an NHS Track and Trace App. Now you must sign in as Mickey Mouse. Now you must sit outside in the cold and drink with the elements and hope the pub is breaking all carbon emissions with its outdoor gas heaters on full whack so that you may not catch Pneumonia (a problem that seemed to vanish and get replaced by Covid in 2020 and 2021). To be able to drink socially and with crowds, before things properly open again, now there are only really two places worthy of your time in central London. Soho & Borough market! Why are these the only areas worthy of your time in central London? Well, everything else is closed until May 17th - so our esteemed leaders have told us we must lump it to save lives! Yes, you will find the odd place that is lucky to have an outdoor terrace or beer garden open in London. However, given how few and far between these are compared to good old-fashioned pubs and bars you will find most places are closed due to the lack of outdoor space making it impossible for them to open. On the first day that Pubs & bars were given permission to open up - I took a stroll from once lively Old Street to a once past it Soho to count who was open and who was not. This is what I found on that walk. Soho has risen from the ashes to be a place you actually may want to have a drink in once again.

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