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Best Techno Festival in the UK?

Techno - The first recorded use of the word techno in reference to a specific genre of music was in 1988. However, this isn't a post about the History of Techno - there have been way too many articles on this subject. I'm a big fan of Techno and no this doesn't mean I like EDM. Over the years I've played Techno in a lot of Underground clubs and super clubs. Although as I now play a lot less than I used to - simply down to life commitments I now have to get my Techno fix by seeking it out.

Techno Legends - You aren't a Techno fan if you don't know them all!

London, despite being my stomping ground has a very weak Night Scene. If Techno isn't playing at a selection of venues then you won't always be finding it. The current Mayor of London hasn't been kind to the night economy. And due to the rareness of finding Techno when a Techno festival with Techno legends comes to the Big Smoke, I always try my best to be there.

The Junction 2 Festival has now completed its fourth year. I've managed to be at 3 out 4 of those years - why did I miss one of them - well I was in Ibiza on the previous year (so I had a good excuse!). Not a Techno fan - well its not for everyone! I'm glad it's not for everyone in a way - the average Techno crowd is usually very high-spirited and welcoming - it's a rare occasion you will witness aggression or hostility at a Techno event - if you do it because the wrong people have strayed into the event and they are venting themselves because they couldn't find an RnB or Hip-Hop night that day or night.

On my last outing to the Junction 2 Festival - just the other day - I made a video about that day - here is that video! Enjoy as it might just be the UK's best Techno Festival!



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