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Bigmouth Strikes Again

There are few greater songwriters in the world as Morrissey. His vocals are distinct and unique. The passion and fire he has brought to his music over the years certainly haven't faded from him as the years have crept by. Unlike most successful artists who have been drenched with money and praise for years, he hasn't lost his touch with what is going on in the world. Morrissey calls a spade a spade and doesn't curtail to Political Correctness. The easy path to take in life is the one with the least resistance. There are days I wish I had taken the easiest path in life. Life would be very different right now if I had taken that path. Agreeing with the thought police, nodding along to what everyone around you has been conditioned to say and think. Life would be different and maybe I wouldn't be writing this. However, like Morrissey, I have Irish blood and an English heart. Maybe it's this combination that gives you that fire - maybe it's just a coincidence! Who really knows, all I know is Steven Patrick Morrissey can do no harm as he digs at The Guardian. In his most recent USA, gig Morrissey wore a "Fuck the Guardian" T-Shirt (NME Article).

The Guardian is a British hating / Western hating newspaper staffed by Social Justice Warriors who take pleasure in destroying those who think differently to them. They are the 1984 thought police who label everyone who isn't siding with their radical left outlook on life all names under the sun. I'm glad someone like Morrissey is able to call out this god-awful newspaper as very few individuals in the limelight would ever dare. I'll be wearing my T-Shirt to show my disdain for The Guardian. Will you be? F**k the Guardian Merchandise



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