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Easing us into Authoritarian Lockdown

Dog owners will know dogs have memories. Pavlov taught us that dogs can be taught to salivate to the sound of a bell - this is called conditioning. Dogs like humans recall what they don't like - when a dog knows it's about to go to the Vet it will try its best to avoid the situation and it will try it's best to protest. One can only pity a dog that gets the snip losing what made him have a purpose. And yet humans do it without flinching as they treat man's best friend no better than a slave at this moment in the dog's life. Your dog didn't want the snip no matter how much you try to justify its acceptable. And yet it would seem our rulers have as much respect for the population as we do for mans best friend.

We are dogs to the rulers of the world. We serve a purpose and we bring much enjoyment through our ability to create art, culture and entertainment. Yet none of that actually matters when our leaders feel the world must continue on it's planned path they have mapped out decades in advance. As I've spoken before that I believe this was all planned way back in 2019 I still stand by this. The disproportionate measures to a virus that is only lethal to 0.01% of the population are telling. Of course, they will screech - what about Long-COVID!?! Well, what about the long term impacts of mass unemployment and a broken economy on Suicide rates?

As spoken about in my previous blog posts I do believe 2020 and what will come in 2021 has all been planned from those who pull the strings. Countries have been incentivised to destroy small & medium-sized businesses and encouraged to move the masses in the direction of a Communist Universal Income where everyone becomes dependent on the state and then later the impending New World Government. The NWO is readying itself for the world to be the fake saviours who will magically appear to clean up the chaos. And nations will have no choice but to obey as every nation will be crumbling under the debt issued by the Central Bankers. This will be the Great Reset - great for the Elite not great for 99% who simply want freedom and the life they once knew.

President Alexander Lukashenka Belarus President in Minsk
President Alexander Lukashenka

This is "Tinfoil hat and crazy!" scream those indoctrinated to believe the IMF, WHO and our Shadow Governments mean us well. Thankfully, the evidence of the forced lockdowns came from one of Europes poorest but most beautiful countries. Belarus back in March 2020 was offered money by the IMF to encourage the country to implement the same lockdown measures like those the World were witnessing in Italy. In a Belarusian Article "At a recent meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers, the head of Belarus said that the International Monetary Fund offered ‘quick financing’ for almost a billion dollars, in exchange for the president’s will to do everything ‘like in Italy’." The thing is Alexander Lukashenka refused as he didn't want to destroy the economy of Belarus or enslave his nation to the privately-owned IMF. As soon as countries take on IMF loans they are suddenly slaves to dictators like Christian Lagarde. Illustrated time and time again around the world - for the "Left", I direct you to the Guardian.

Belarus Minsk Protests NWO Soros IMF Loan
Belarus Crowds influenced by NWO?

President Alexander Lukashenka flatly refused the loan from the IMF - rumours suggest this was going to be the 1st payment of many over the proceeding months. However, this President put his country and his people ahead of the interests of the corrupt Globalists. And yet because of this, he has been paying the price dearly ever since. The Globalists are now teaching him a lesson for his dissent from the path they had mapped out.

President Alexander Lukashenka was clearly failing to comply with their disproportionate Lockdown rules and the path to the vaccine. The path that would bring in universal tracking and monitoring of all humans on the planet, combined with a universal income so as to control any dissent. And for his dissidence, President Alexander Lukashenka has had the world's media on his case since the June 2020 election. The corrupt Fake News Media have been using their sphere of influence to topple Lukashenko from power. Soros Fund Management & his investment arms have been funnelling money into NGOs inside Belarus drumming up the impressionable student population to oust him from power. Pushing the narrative that he isn't a legitimate leader worthy of his power. And yet he is one of the few leaders in Europe who has not sold his country out to the Globalist criminals intent on bringing in the Great Reset.

If the IMF is prepared to pay Belarus for every month that it is under lockdown and obeys the New World Order rules then it has clearly done this with every single country in the world. Rishi Sunak the Chancellor to the United Kingdom took it upon himself to enslave future generations to central bank debt. The dishonesty that the money we borrow doesn't come with conditions is the usual dishonesty populations have come to expect from a corrupt western democracy. The Virus didn't destroy the economy your leaders destroyed the economy!

It is my belief that until we are all tagged with digital vaccine passports the globalists will not loosen these lockdowns. The Winter of 2020/2021 will be a very dark winter for many. Businesses will collapse and unemployment will skyrocket globally. They want the population of the planet to be begging for the vaccine. People will give up their liberties in their belief that it brings back the life they once knew and little will they realise until it's too late that life won't return if we allow this Plandemic to keep its course.

Stay healthy but we must end the cult of the lockdowns and topple these corrupt Globalists from power as they do not work for the nations of this planet - only themselves.

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