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I may have been wrong about Covid-19

I think I was wrong with my initial theory on Covid-19. You may have read my blog post that seemed to be widely shared around the world. Click here if you didn't read it. "Was the Covid19 virus released upon the world by a Shadow Organisation?" On a recent stroll through Clapham Common which is where I'm spending a large chunk of the Lockdown. I decided to give my thoughts on the matter. Here, I suggest that the virus was weaponised and released upon the world as part of their Empire building masterplan. An act of war against a very naive world who has been caught with their pants down. Once the Globalists released what was going on they put their all-encompassing authoritarian plan into action. Where the end game is population reduction and Universal income where the population submits to a vaccine and 1984 controls.

Two Chinese Colonels wrote a book back in 1999 called Unrestricted Warfare: China's Master Plan to Destroy America. If you are curious about this book - here is the Amazon Link. I highly recommend reading it. It gives you an idea that this has all been planned for years.

The Governments of the world will now use this to their advantage where they will use the MSM to push the narrative that you can get Covid-19 (The Wuhan Virus, The Chinese Virus, Corona Virus) more than once. And yet this will be the first virus strain that you can catch twice. And, yet pay attention all the MSM outlets will be there with their NPC talking heads pushing the narrative that you can. They will guilt trip and threaten the population into getting a vaccine that potentially will sterilise a population. And with Nano Technology that now exists likely chip the population without the doctors or anyone even knowing it.

I hear many say they will refuse the vaccine. I will be in this camp and yet see how long you can keep refusing when they threaten to bar you from flights, restaurants, theatres and public spaces because this 21st century 1984 scenario is enforced before your eyes. Resist and shout down the bullshit that will be infecting the pages, the airwaves and those working for the new Stasi. If you would like to support me - you can do so from as little as 10 cents a month via Pledsto. Click here to follow the Support Link. Or simply Subscribe to my YouTube Channel - The Wondering Englishman



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