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Why has Brexit not happened yet?

Imagine you land back on Earth and more specifically the UK having been up in Space for the last 5 years. The term Brexit would be new to you. To the rest of us we are so bored of hearing "Brexit" - most of us, if pressed, will be pleased to hear the last of it. However, sadly we still remain in the European Union and the will of the people has yet to happen. The next deadline is Halloween (October 31st 2019) - will the UK finally leave the EU or will it be stifled by the Judges, Lawyers, MPs and Mainstream Media and come November 1st 2019 we will still be inside the EU? The odds of us leaving moving up and down every day. GBP/USD swings in both directions as traders take views and speculate what will happen while the rest of us grow fatigued or get very angry. The Fake News Mainstream Media want us to be fatigued - they want Joe Public to give up on the idea of Brexit. They want us to believe the process is so overcomplicated that we should just remain part of the EU. This is the Globalist agenda to keep the UK in the EU. They do not want the EU to fail as the EU is a stepping stone to One World Government. A vision they have for our future where there is only One Government and it's put there by the Corporations and the Elites.

I enjoy a good debate but the whole Brexit debate is a sure-fire way to ruin a dinner party or a social get together for some reason it triggers the most fragile snowflakes (usually those who can't debate). So from time to time, I like to wander over to Westminister to try and engage with those who have a different view to me. In my latest video, I found myself in Westminister engaging with Remonaics and meeting some very woke Leavers. Sense my Bias? It's my Blog - I'm allowed to be biased. :)



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