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7 Wonderful T-Shirts

So I decided to experiment with the idea of offering my YouTube Subscribers T-Shirts. I'm going to slowly build on the collection overtime. 50% of profits will always go to Greenpeace. The Rest of the profits will be used to maintain this website (it actually costs money to have a website sadly). If there's any profit after that I will make sure the money goes to The Sea Shepherd Organisation. This Blog and this website is still in it's early days - so It's a lot of experimentation and i'm wondering where I can take it. If I can give something back to the world while I'm doing it - all the better. The T-Shirts come in a variety of colours but are all V-Neck simply because V-Neck looks 10000x better than a standard looking T-Shirt and in fairness they are more comfortable to wear. Go Check out the collection - Here The Wondering Englishman Shop

I Didn't get into Wonderland by Not Wondering what was down the Rabbit Hole - Design. Click to Buy here


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