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Do you remember the scene in Taken where the girls are forced to inject?

One of Liam Neeson's defining roles was from the low budget ($25million) film that grossed over $226million + at the Global Box Office. To this day TAKEN continues to make the filmmakers money from it's continued play on services such as Amazon & Netflix. Many scenes from that movie and the trilogy remains implanted in my memory and I'm also sure your memory. From the most famous scene where our hero Brian Mills says...

And yet the scene that haunts me right now. Is the scene where the scumbag men from all walks of life, queue up outside tents on a Parisian Construction site, waiting their turn to spend their Grimey Euros. Some aware and some simply not caring for the plight of the girls waiting to service them. While others, I'm sure were simply oblivious to the fact that the girls were forced to inject drugs without their consent. And in Brian Mills daughters case and many other girls like her. She was kidnapped from a place she considered safe - TAKEN - tied up and forced with needles to inject a cocktail of drugs so she would be easier to manage. Treatment, I'm sure 99.9999% of society would deem unacceptable. And yet in 2020, I'm almost certain those same people who would deem this unacceptable would look the other way if their government did the same to their neighbour.

In 2013, a YouGov study found that 55% of adults believed Vaccines should be mandatory for something as simple as the MMR injection. Sadly, the British public in 2020, are very similar when it comes to a completely untested vaccine - The Covid-19 Vaccine. A recent study carried out by YouGov found that 49% of British Adults believed the Vaccine should be Mandatory! And a further 17% were so braindead when asked this question they simply said: "I don't know"! This study gave power and authority to the British government and most likely all western governments sat up and paid attention. It authorised without much of a struggle, the ability to push forward with authoritarian powers that would make our Leaders no better than the fictional people trafficking Albanians, in the film TAKEN!

Covid19 Vaccine, Matt Hancock, Vaccine Rollout, Mandatory Vaccines
Matt Hancock - Helped Destroy the Economy

The British Government's health secretary Matt Hancock has already admitted that mandatory vaccines can not be ruled out. This utter cretin of a Health secretary seems inspired by the fictional Albanian drug gangs that Liam Neeson so beautifully took out over the course of his 2008 box-office smash. This bastard who is jointly responsible for the destruction of the British Economy in 2020 will most likely claim that vaccines won't be mandatory, but at the same time, he will be putting pressure on big business to make your life very difficult if you refuse to get the vaccine. Already we have seen companies like Qantas Airways come out and say it will not allow passengers to board their planes unless they are vaccinated. Within days of CEO Alan Joyce announcing this tyrannical policy, a Hero was shown to smash a pie into his face while giving a speech. Over the coming days and weeks, I'm sure many Globalist CEO's will stand up and say they are also will be doing the same. Pies will also be waiting for them, should they take this path.

Nadhim Zahawi YouGov Vaccines
Ex PM David Cameron & Nadhim Zahawi MP

The Iraqi born Minister for Stratford-on-Avon Nadhim Zahawi was recently given responsibility for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment at DHSC. Who it must be added, also co-founded the international Internet-based market research firm YouGov of which he was Chief Executive until February 2010. Nadhim Zahawi is thought to be the second-highest-paid MP sitting in British parliament - due to his numerous corporate connections. Isn't it amazing how the same market research company, that he founded, has been testing the waters for months, when it comes to finding out how submissive the UK population is, in regards to Mandatory Vaccines! Beyond corrupt and beyond sinister if you were to ask my take on this matter. YouGov was likely commissioned by the British Government to measure how easily the British Public would submit to tyranny. And in doing so Nadim Zahawi (a YouGov Shareholder) indirectly benefited by getting the YouGov fees and fast-tracking the Deployment of the numerous Covid-19 vaccines the British Government have purchased in recent months.

The UK's Covid vaccine minister (Nadim Zahawi) suggested only this week that bars, cinemas and football stadiums could BAN Brits who haven't had jab as he admits No10 is looking at 'immunity passports'. Remember my blog posts way back in March of this year. I told you that this would happen and for that revelation, I was called a Conspiracy Theorist.

No Government minister or Government department should dictate what poison should go in one's body. Any Global Government, Multinational Corporation or member of the public that demands Mandatory vaccines on those that do not want them through either force or via making the dissenters lives impossible. They are no better than the fictional scumbag Albanians in the movie TAKEN 1, 2 and 3.

And it is for this very reason that I took myself onto the streets of London to march for my Freedoms and for those who will come after me. Resist this tyranny at all costs. Wake up - the time you have left as a free man or woman is quickly running out! The Great Reset won't be kind to the majority.

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