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Your leaders destroyed the economy - not the virus....

As most of the west undergoes "Lockdown 2" people begin to fret about whether they will get Christmas or not. What I don't seem to understand is why these people are even surprised by what's happening. This has all been planned out since 2019 - the northern hemisphere was always going to be locked down over the winter of 2020/2021. Winter deaths that happen every year like clockwork were always going to be the excuse used by our leaders. The virus didn't destroy the economy - your leaders did!

Winter Flu Deaths, Covid-19 Plandemic
Every year deaths uptick in the winter months

I've spoken in length on my blog and in various YouTube videos about my changing belief as the facts become more and more clear that I think this is far more sinister than the majority even seem to be awake to.

My original thoughts on this matter date back to Christmas 2019 & January 2020 on Facebook - posts that have now been deleted by the Facebook gods. As Facebook censors seem to know more about this virus than dissenting Scientists.

In early March I wrote the blog post "Was the Covid-19 virus released upon the world by a Shadow Organisation?" and at the same time released the YouTube Video "Should we worry about Covid-19". I pondered the changes that began to take place. The West weeks later locked down, although the UK left its borders wide open and I believe on purpose. They sent the elderly and vulnerable population home from the hospitals where they had been receiving care from. This deliberate act was responsible for countless numbers of early deaths which is why we saw a spike in deaths in April 2020. Of course, all these deaths were blamed on Covid-19 rather than the real reason which was deliberate negligence by our leaders and healthcare provider managers.

Temperature Check, Temp Check, Covid19, Plandemic
Passenger having his Temperature Checked

Not only did our leaders neglect the most vulnerable of society by denying from them the needed care that in a normal year would have been given to them. Our leaders left the country exposed and open, by importing the virus due to selfishly welcoming visitors from Covid-19 hotspots. I personally travelled in and out of the UK multiple times and not once was I tested or even stopped to have my temperature measured and yet when I arrived in Spain in March 2020 they measured my temperature as a precaution. Throughout 2020 the EU leaders allowed the mass importation of illegal migrants to travel freely into Europe - crossing multiple borders, enabling the spread of people who were intent to ignore legal routes but also spread lethal and non-lethal viruses to the population they would inevitably come in contact with.

You would almost think it was intentional by most global leaders to allow the spread of a virus so that once it spread they could impose authoritarian measures onto the population. Authoritarian measures that could be increased as the spread of a so-called virus spreads. However, by April 2020 I had changed my mind on the severity of the virus and why it was released - I speculated in my Blog post / Video "I may have been wrong about Covid-19" that it may have been weaponised deliberately to bring down populations but the virus had proven ineffective to their depopulation needs. However, as the plan had been put in motion. Global Governments had committed to their masters and thus acted to impose more strangulating laws on the populace and prepared themselves to bring in "The Great Reset".

By July 2020 it was clear that world Governments were committed to ruining small businesses and that populations were pushovers when it came to submitting to their Governments. People were very accepting of every incremental rule brought in by their leaders. In the UK, Restaurants and Pubs were finally given permission to open up once again having been closed since March. However, it came with authoritarian guidelines. I wrote about these measures in my Blog post "The Chi-Coms have ruined British Pubs". New measures of "Tracking & Tracing" and the insistence of compulsory wearing a nappy on ones face were reminding the population that Lockdown 2 would come and for them and that they must not get too comfortable. The population were being prepped for what was to come as well as tested to see how subservient the population were to ever-increasing authoritarian big brother measures.

Despite over 70% of the population supporting further Lockdown measures some brave souls decided to fight back. Protests erupted around the globe. As I've spent the majority of my time in London in 2020, I'll keep focusing on what's been happening here. I personally witnessed multiple protests on the streets of London where people spoke up against the Lockdowns and what they thought were disproportionate measures against a virus that seemed no more lethal than a bad flu year. To back this up - It was revealed that the majority of Covid-19 Deaths were overinflated and that 98% of all deaths had underlying health conditions. Translation - Imagine a country, has 100,000 Deaths recorded because of Covid-19, I think you can safely say the figure is 2% of this figure (2,000 Deaths because of Covid-19). Of course, 2,000 deaths is 2,000 too many but is it any reason to shut down the world and deny patients with other conditions treatment because there's a Covid-Emergency?

Plandemic, Pandemic, Covid-19, London Anti-Lockdown Protest
Protestors who are labelled as "Cov-Idiots" by the MSM making their voices heard

Yet in 2020 when BLM protestors were able to rampage and cause millions of £s worth of damage all over the UK. The British Police stood back and allowed it all to happen often being chased down the road by protestors - as shown in my videos (ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter Desecrate British Monuments in London & Thugs clash at Black Lives Matter Protest in London - The Met Police finally protect statues!) and yet when protestors who showed no signs of damaging buildings wanted to gather and voice their concerns over Lockdowns, Mandatory Vaccines and sinister motives. Police all over the world went extremely authoritarian on all those speaking out. I covered the protests in one of my videos - titled The Anti-Plandemic Protest - Those who are smeared by the MSM for having a different view to them. It was by August 2020 that I had concluded this had been one big Psy-Op with my post "Your leaders destroyed the Economy on purpose...."

By October 2020 I found myself fleeing the country to get away from the authoritarian measures the British public had submitted to. I had a birthday to celebrate and I would be damned if a Government was going to tell me that I had to stop my drinking by 10 pm. I headed to Poland for a long weekend and just as I was leaving the country I was informed by the newswires that anyone travelling back from Poland after Friday would have to quarantine upon their return for 2 weeks. Thankfully I work from home, much more these days, so that wasn't going to be a problem. However, it was also going to prove to be a completely pointless exercise. What right does any Government have to make you a prisoner in your own home? I pondered the measures while I waited for my plane at Gatwick Airport.

Upon returning from Poland and completing my so-called Quarantine the British public got closer and closer to Lockdown 2. By mid-October I wrote about how the world governments were "Easing us into Authoritarian Lockdown" and as predicted (as it was all previously planned way back in 2019) we entered Lockdown 2 (at least in the UK) on November 5th 2020. Our supreme leaders informed us it would only last 4 weeks and yet with the Furlough Scheme that only props up middle-income earners and completely ignores those who work for themselves we could see it was being extended to the end of March 2021. If the Lockdown was only going to last 4 weeks then what would be the need for Furlough to last until March 2021. Elementary my Dear Watson - Your supreme leaders lied to you once again!

Covid19 Winter Wave, Lockdown, Lockdowns, Winter Deaths
A Bleak Winter is ahead

Winter 2020/2021 will be cold and dark for many in the northern hemisphere of our blue planet, your leaders will tease you with promises that all will be well soon. At first, they will claim the vaccine isn't mandatory but as I've repeated over and over again since the start of 2020 they will make your life impossible if you refuse to get the vaccine. Vaccine companies are falsely claiming the Vaccine has a 95% success rate. You have a 99.99% chance of survival from this virus - so why would you take your chances with a Vaccine that has a worse success rate than the human body has at fighting this so-called virus? Especially, when we know statistically from other vaccines the side effects can affect between 1 and 10 in every 100 people being immunised, depending on the vaccine. We also won't know the fall out (side effects) from the vaccine for at least 10 years. On what planet would you be persuaded to take this vaccine other than at gunpoint?

Only time will tell if the future turns more authoritarian and bleak but the signs do not look good. Those who lurk in the shadows controlling our leaders seem very confident right now that they have their ship on course - will they hit an iceberg - I can only hope so.....

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