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VidCon isn't as fun as ComicCon

Back in February, I ventured to YouTube's flagship London event - VidCon. Not in any way to be confused with ComicCon or conference that promotes VHS or anything random to do with Videos - this was purely YouTube Related. I have a YouTube Channel - it's gaining Subscribers every day - Thank you each and every one of you. So with this newfound following, I figured let's go and learn how to YouTube in more detail.

VidCon is an Annual event, but is it any good?

I bought my ticket on Groupon - yes really Groupon! I'm too small to be offered Free Tickets - maybe one day! Although even YouTubers with Millions of followers I think have to pay for their tickets I believe. If you have not used Groupon before - use this link - to get £6 off your first order if used within 72 hours. If you are curious what VidCon was Like. Here is a video I made of that day.

The Wondering Englishman is Alex van Terheyden - if you wish to contact him please reach out via this blog or website.


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