• Alex van Terheyden

Will you get the vaccine?

Joe Rogan doesn't think the young need the vaccine

The left went into another meltdown recently as they reacted to the hugely successful podcaster Joe Rogan. The 53-year-old podcaster was simply having a conversation as he always does about everything and nothing. His show (The Joe Rogan Experience) is hugely entertaining and if you will recall from my Top YouTubers of the all-time list he featured on that list before he left YouTube for Spotify in a deal worth more than $100million. And yet this highly entertaining podcaster can't have an opinion in 2021 without being torn to shreds by those who would call themselves the left. Joe stated healthy people could forgo the coronavirus vaccine. "I'm not an anti-vax person," Rogan said. "I believe they're safe and encourage many people to take them." Rogan did not walk back on his suggestion that the young and healthy do not "need" vaccines, which drew backlash from every leftist rag and snowflake who has bought into this Plandemic.

Just like Joe Rogan I simply have an opinion and I personally believe every individual on this planet should be entitled to their opinions. Joe may be x100000 more popular than most people in the world but that shouldn't deny him to have an opinion. Life is about personal choices and what you choose to stick inside your body should be a personal choice, not something that Technocrats, celebrities or the media should have any say in what you do. Sure they can spend all the time in the world trying to convince us to take an experimental potion that probably has little use to a person who is 99.9987% immune to Covid-19. However, when they try to coerce or enforce the population through laws then this is where they cross the line.

Followers to this blog will be aware of all the Covid-19 material that I've churned out over the last 16months+. I was being called a conspiracy theorist for stating that vaccines would be available before 2020 was finished - before lockdowns even began in March 2020! Experts were stating that it would be 2-3 years before a vaccine would be available back in March 2020 and yet here I was stating vaccines would be here by the end of 2020. I didn't make the prediction because I'm psychic or that I have close ties to big pharma. I made this prediction because I knew the end game of a fake Plandemic would be vaccines and then the vaccine passport which would effectively enslave the Global population to a system similar if not identical to the Chi-Com Social Credit system. It is not my job or your neighbours' job to say if you should get one of the so-called vaccines that are now available at your local health centre or hospital. I and your neighbours simply have opinions on the matter. You will undoubtedly meet and greet people over the coming days and weeks who will shout with glee how they have just had their vaccine and thankfully they won't be suffering from the short term side effects that are impacting many people who have taken some of the vaccines. It is my hope these same smiley people won't later suffer from side effects in the medium or long term. Given that vaccine trials don't end until 2023 for Phizer and Astra Zeneca there is no way of knowing the health implications from these potions that so many are so willing to inject into their arms.

I will not be coerced through guilt for others or be goaded by the line that it is for the greater good to submit to taking a vaccine. I will not be coerced to get the vaccine because otherwise, I will not be able to travel.

In 1947, 2 years after the second world war ended it was decided in Nuremberg that Scientists should abide by 10 Rules. These rules were forever to be known as the Nuremberg Code. The first rule is "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential". If everyone taking these so-called vaccines knew they were test subjects would they be so keen to take them? Maybe, everyone is fully aware that they are test subjects, but I simply do not believe this to be the case. It's amazing how many NPCs I hear on a daily basis telling me that the vaccines are fully approved and fully tested. I think they believe if they repeat the mantra then it will prove to be correct when in fact it couldn't be further from the truth!

The significant Short Term side Effects from the Covid-19 Vaccines (so far).

  • Anaphylaxis (Severe allergic reactions)

  • Bell’s Palsy

  • Thrombo-embolic events with concurrent low platelets

  • Capillary Leak Syndrome